Wednesday, January 11, 2012

i *gulp* took a step

 When I did the girls' nursery Hubs took one look and said, "How come their room is cooler than ours?"  And I had to agree.  I had barely touched our room while decorating the house but had spent time, effort, energy and money in all the other rooms. Seriously! I think it's because no one goes up there and we rarely spend time in our bedroom unless we're sleeping.  So it has become a hodge podge of furniture and items that have no other home except to be stacked, stored, and put in our room.
That is... until this year. I nominate 2012 to be the year of the master bedroom. And I second that motion.  All in favor, say "aye".
Glad we could agree and come to that decision quickly!
(And yes, I did just do that all by myself. And no, I'm not crazy....)
So here, is said room.  A blank canvas waiting to be splashed upon!

 See? Hodge podge... even the dreaded blue bookshelf is in my bedroom.  
(good memories of it being made? yes! does it work with anything else in my house? no!)

Random piles of rubbish and random pictures.  I have no room for all these treasured belongings but can't bear to see them on my dresser any longer.  
I. Need. Change.

Okay, so by now you might be wondering if I am already failing at my "word" for 2012, contentment.  But I say, no! Actually, changing my bedroom a bit and adding some homey touches here and there enables me to be more content because it is helping me make my home, a home. Instead of nagging Hubs for a new home to grow in, I am content with the one I have but am excited to spruce it up a bit.

So where am I at in the sprucing process?
Well, yesterday I did something for the very first time.  I bought paint.
And as soon as I did. I hated it.
Commitment-phobe? Yes! I've always struggled with commitment, except where it really, truly matters~ Hubs~ and then I have absolutely 100% no question about my love for him, but when it comes to things like colors and painting and decorating I can't help but question my sanity.
Especially when I had the paint chosen, mixed up, purchased and Hubs took one look and said, "Oh? Beige?!"
Beige? Seriously.  Of course Hubs would question beige because I have never ever in my whole life chosen beige.  And just saying that word sends shivers down my spine.  It's like eating plain toast for the rest of my life or living in a world of sepia tone forever. Beige?!? 
"I've changed my mind," said I to Hubs and he just laughed.
And I just paid for my beige paint.
Cue crying now.
I've never bought paint. I've never chosen my own paint. Except once when my parents let me at 711 Par Drive and I chose turqoise and purple paint to adorn my walls. I loved them and it made me so happy.  And when we sold the house my parents apologized and laughed it off to the buyers. I couldn't understand why not everyone would embrace turquoise and purple walls. 
Hello?!? It's turqiouse and purple!! What's not to love?
It's not like it's ....*shudder* beige.
Okay, I'll stop being dramatic.
To appease my need for color I'm going to do "splashes" of purple, blue and a little yellow. Like this....
Now here's the fun part.  I'm not actually painting my walls... because, I don't want to paint apartment walls just to paint them back to (even worse than beige) white when we leave.  
So I've got a plan... a fun plan.
Stay tuned for how I make white walls look cool without painting them and how I use "beige" to do it.
And by the way, Hubs, it's not beige.  It's called, "weekend in the country"...
so there!


Rachel Farley said...

I love reading your blog. You are such a great writer.

Can't wait to see what you do to the place!!

Abbie said...

This is where we differ :) I love beige! I'm one to paint the walls something incredibly neutral then spice up the rest of the room with accents. That way, when you move you don't have to repaint and you can continually "change" the room without the hassle of repainting! I can't wait to see what you have in store though! :)

Joanna Kay said...

Thanks Rachel.
Abbie, that's what I'm going for. I'm hoping to use the "weekend in the country" for a base or platform for the brighter colors to perform on. :) hee hee

spartacus21 said...

if you want a partner in crime on any of this let me know! I LOVE projects! ...Even if it is painting a bookcase :)