Sunday, July 08, 2007

If songs were a love language... it would be mine.

I received one of the best emails yesterday from my brother Jeremy. He sent me an email with a very special attachment. A Song! A Song just for me. It was the second time he has "given me" his feelings through song the first being my high school graduation,
(which Jer, Jord, and Jonah~ I listened to the other day.)
That album is one of my favorite gifts. I remember when I got it, I was so touched and embarassed to have received something so special that I couldn't cry in front of everyone. I went to the bathroom and cried instead. I remember being really scared of high school graduation and "growing up". It was bittersweet and the special gift from my brothers was a testimony to their steadfast and faithful love for me.
Jeremy's song was about the days when we were kids playing on Washington Island. A lot of our childhood was etched in those beaches. There's also a fun bluegrass song that they wrote spur of the moment about me graduating college and making lots of money supposedly to support them all. ha ha! That's hilarious.
Anyway, if you know me or my family or have the pleasure of knowing both~ you know we are pretty serious about our music. So this spontaneous gift from Jeremy is a special message between oldest brother and youngest child and only sister. If you go here you can hear the message he sent me. The lyrics are below. What a fun email, Jeremy. Thanks for sending me this. It was SO special.
Jer, you are the best!! Thanks!
(this picture is not the best of Jeremy's face (right) but I felt it was the best that expresses his personality. He is always "up to" something.) *i began to write you a note,
but i felt the words would need this beat.
it's kind of funny how things end up this way,
music's groovy but there ain't that much to say.
So i thought i'd just take a couple of seconds and tell you that i miss you
and i wish we were together
we're never going to see each other soon,
hope you enjoy this tune
so i guess i'll send you this song,
i've got my feelings in the melody,
i'm going to close now,
and i'll say, "goodbye"*
Leah has an artisy and creative expression in her heart. She has the gift that people (myself) wish we could develop in our lives but it's not something you can get. I feel like Leah's gifts are unique to very few people. She just flows with ideas and life. She has a really special gift.
My adventurous cousin! I love you so much.
Thanks for being YOU, for loving me and for so much more I wish to express but can't with words. Leah, I love this photo... the two pierced cousins together. :) ha ha!

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aww, you're so sweet!