Friday, February 15, 2008

and the snow kept coming...

The BEST club had their annual snowboarding trip... it was freezing cold and it snowed constantly during the three days we boarded.
Oops, the group shot didn't turn out so great. Let's try the group shot one more time...
now that's better.
I was so excited to start using my new board. The Burton Feelgood is by far an amazing board. It is SO fast. I really loved it.
Masashi and I
The first night we tried to have discussion but the guys fell asleep waiting for the girls and one of the guys was harder to wake up than the others. So Tomoko poked him with a key... but nothing could wake him up...

Jumbo toast was an interesting new find. A jumbo piece of toast with egg and mayonaise baked on top.
Mamo, Mark and Masashi dig in.
Mmm mmm mmm so good.

Without even knowing it, Sae and I brought the same pair of pajamas.
Thank you Jordan for my snowboarding pants. They rocked. They were so warm and lightweight. I could move around so easily. Thank you so much.
Thanks Mikey for my board. I love it. It's awesome. I can't believe how fast and sleek it is. I am able to carve easily and try some new tricks. I love this board.
Jo, Megumi and Mamo
Snow seat. Mamo and Jo
The last picture before we left.
The snowboarding trip was awesome. It's always my favorite trip of the year.
Although this year, I sorely missed Mary. No joke.
Dear Mary, I missed you SO much on this trip. It just didn't feel like the normal yearly trip this time without you.
I miss you friend.


Holly said...

i love that megu wore the same outfit as when i was able to join you guys. also what is the deal with the thumbs down?

Kelli B said...

yeah i'm curious about that too.

so i've never skied OR snowboarded. someday, will you take me out to the slopes and give me some lessons? i'd love it! looks like so much fun. too bad when we come it will be spring...but other fun things to enjoy.

word to snow.

Anonymous said...

The jammie pic and the one below it are my favs! Cutie-patootie, for sure! :) I miss you! XOXOX

Mikey said...

"Work it Joanna!"
::clicking camera::
"Work it with your new board!"