Friday, February 08, 2008


For the year 2008 I chose James 1:2-5 to be my year verse. After hearing different advice about how to be wise with New Years Resolutions I made it a point to only make one resolution and to choose a verse that could go along with it.
I knew 2008 was going to be a year of "ch-ch-cha-changes" so I decided to go with James 1:2-5 and make it a point to not only PRAY to have joy in all circumstances but to seek out the joy in each circumstance.
I know a lot of you have been praying for me so I just wanted to let you know, YOUR PRAYERS ARE BEING HEARD.
Recently I have had so much joy in all that I do. I know that this is from God and not from myself.
I wanted to share with you the different things that have been giving me joy...
In January the Tokyo girls had a visit from MANDY from Shizuoka. Mandy is a kindred spirit and friend of mine. We met here in Japan but there's something about sharing cultural hardships that will bond you with someone. Mandy and I have chatted a couple times since she was here in January and every time I am so encouraged by this girl.
How can you not love Mandy? She brought us FRUIT ROLL-UPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(check out what Mandy' up to by clicking on the link to the right titled "i can be myself")
Along with my roommate Ayano, Saaya will also be moving in to Gurasu Toppu at the end of February. I am so excited to have her move in. Mikey has been a huge blessing with his prayers, encouragement and skype calls. He's not only a great boyfriend but a really great friend.
In April Joni Poon will visit Tokyo for A WHOLE MONTH to help BEST club during it's busiest season. With recruiting and initating towards tons of students, I knew Joni would be a perfect match for befriending young Japanese students. Joni has a contagious and joyful personality. You can't help but want to spend more and more time with her once you meet her. I'm so excited to have a whole month of Joni time. :D
Also in April, my best friend Kelli and her husband Marcus come through Tokyo for a little over a week. Woo hoo!!!! I can't wait to show these two my "stomping grounds" here in Hachioji. (KB, isn't this sad that this is the only picture I have of you on my computer? sad cause it's 3 years old. we need to take lots of pictures when you are here!!)
In less than a week I will be hitting the slopes... The BEST club snowboarding trip is my ichiban suki. (favorite) I love it. We ride the bus overnight and arrive at 6AM at the mountain to gear up and get out for a full day of boarding. I can't wait to learn some new tricks.
I'm also honored to be joining the Utsunomiya BEST club for their ski camp as well. I have a lot of fun with the Utsu students and appreciate learning new tricks from their boarders.
Along with the Tokyo and Utsu trips, Megumi (pictured below) and I will be traveling to warmer places. For her graduation Megumi wanted to take a trip somewhere nice so she and I will be hopping on a plane to go to Okinawa for 5 days.
Ah, good friends and their prayers give me so much joy...

Jennifer and I officially ended the little girls's english class. I was a little sad because they had grown up so much in the two years we had taught them. But I was excited to spend one last time with them and they presented Jennifer and I both with beautiful flowers.
Ah, flowers... joy! Jennifer and I broke a cultural rule and actually enjoyed some patio furniture at Costco. We sat back and relaxed while we had some time to kill. :D The furniture was shaped like a heart. It was adorable.
My friendship with Jennifer gives me so much joy.
Keeping up with my brothers' and their families keeps me on my toes and my "joy cup" overflowing... little Eddie is so cute bundled up. He looks sooo snuggly.
I can't help but love this picture of Lenora. I can't wait to see her again and hug her. She has turned into such a sweet girl. She will become a big sister in March. I can't wait to see my big family when I get home in June. (Lord willing)And last but for sure not least, this picture of Waveland has me laughing all day long. Here is my sweet and fiesty niece if you try to take her toys. I love this little munchkin.

I am so blessed. God is so good. Thank you for praying. I've had so much peace and joy going into all the things God has for me at this time.

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Kelli B said...

okay, that IS a little sad, but slightly comical that your only picture is of my wedding at which you werent there. WE MUST get photos TOGETHER when we come! :)

Um yeah...totally stoked to see you. And I get to meet Joni? WORD! I hear a lot about her, between you and Emily C, so it's great to think of meeting someone so cool. IN japan. We'll be in Japan!

i've got ants in my pants - i cant even wait. Did you know it's 2 months from TODAY that we leave des moines??? ahhhhh!