Sunday, February 17, 2008

i'm a sucker

Tonight I was watching Japanese television with my roommate, Ayano. I could hear Ayano laughing from my bedroom so I came in to see what was happening and I caught the end. It was a Comedians Contest. They were competing for the title of #1 funniest in all of Japan. When they announced the winner, the guy got all choked up and started crying.
I had a HUGE lump in my throat and I almost lost it because this man was so happy he won #1 Comedian. I realized I am a huge sucker for people who cry... people who cry for sad reasons and people who cry because they are SO happy. I almost lost it right there at the dining room table when they brought out the huge award.
What has gotten into me lately?
This reminds me of the time in college when Holly Bartlett (sorry holls but the story must be told) cried during a VISA commercial. In her defense, they were showing how with VISA you can do anything and in this particular commercial they were showing how you can set up a baby's room, buy a plane ticket, and go to pick up your small adopted child in an Asian country... so in her defense, it was a sentimental commercial.
But still, I love people who get all choked up.
I'm kind of feeling sentimental or lonely or just weird right now... so I'm sure crying over the man winning #1 Comedian has to do with many things... but I just love how precious life is.
And since I couldn't find the youtube clip of the man winning (really would you want to see it?) I am going to post other pictures of things I am a sucker for.
I am also a sucker for my froggy nephew... my cuter than cute sweet potato niece....
and my "pretends-to-be-her-mother-eating-cold-pizza-while-talking-on-the-phone" niece
i love the moments that make you cry...


Holly said...

oh man! totally busted. that is alright. i am sure i did cry at a visa commercial. and it probably won't be the last! we actually had to have a ben and jerry's night the other night. you should have been there. tears and ice cream. it was like the good ol' days.

Jordan said...

ohmygosh...I'm crying right now.