Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Colorado Thyme

On our way to EDGE summit, I was in awe of the beauty that Arizona and New Mexico beheld. Who knew?

It snowed our second night in CO Springs. It was so wonderful.


Colorado is so beautiful.

After time in the Springs for our EDGE conference, I went to Denver for a day/night trip. It was wonderful seeing Waveland, Eddie and my family. I took an embarassing amount of photos. Enjoy....
Time out for a 99% of the time sweet baby. :)

Jordan was prompting her for the photos, "You're happy."

"Now you're mad."

"Now you're happy again."

We went out to eat for Jordan's birthday and Waveland continually made this face when the ice cream dessert was served.... I wonder what she's trying to tell us...

Sweet Eddie boy.

Edwin loved helping his Daddy put up the Christmas tree...

Edwin is so close to walking...

Jeremy and Alaina played with Edwin... It was so cute.

There is no one in Edwin's life like his mama.
He kept crawling around her, I think he was trying to sneak up on her. :)

Driving back...

We got stuck on our way back to California. This is what Lisa would like Santa to bring us... don't worry, we got out after four hours.

And for the finale, my favorite picture!! My brother Jonah, the mustache master.


Anonymous said...

Did you see Todd S. at Summit?

Kelli B said...

ahhh! Jonah's mustache freaks me out!

That is cute about Waveland in the corner. Uh oh, is she causing trouble? A little rebellious? :)

I'd love to talk sometime about the Edge summit, and your drive home. I'm coming up on my 2 weeks off, so more free time ahead!

Still considering Lincoln for the new year, but not sure it will work out :( we're waiting to see.

Love you friend!

Christy said...

wow, that looks like a sweet time with edgers and your family!

and though I love my roommate, I'm still jealous of Kristine that you're her roommie, and jealous of you that Kristine is your roommie.

and...I get to see you soooon!! :D

Jamie said...

i like you. can't wait to see you! the snow looks FUN! Jones will flip..