Monday, December 01, 2008


I should just title this post "an embarassing amount of pictures of my niece and nephew" but nevertheless those photos were taken during our Thanksmas celebration... Mikey and I spent 17 hours in either an airport or airplane with our nasty amount of delays just on the way there. I sort of started getting looney towards the end and instead of driving him crazy with my antics, I decided to take pictures of our feet instead.

My Grandma's house...

Eddie snuggling the teddy bear


Waveland and Aunt Joanna

Eddie at the Children's Museum

He was sooo hard to get in focus. He was squirmy as a cute little wiggle worm. He loved sitting in this mock tractor at the museum.

Waveland making combine noises with her Mommy.

Jeremy getting stuck in the maze

Dad on his way out of the museum.


Jordan wiggling his way out...


Jeremy helping Eddie climb the maze.

Eddie hasn't started walking yet, unless you help him.


Miss Entertainer

It's never too early to start teaching your child guitar.

Jeremy and his son Edwin

Entertaining can be so tiring.

Jordan, Alaina, and Grandpa Icenogle

Mom and Dad's reaction to their Christmas present... we chipped in and bought them tickets to the Netherlands where they could see my other brother Jonah and his family.

Mikey and Eddie opening up gifts.

Waveland enjoying her gifts, while sitting on the gift I got her.


Pushing Waveland around...

I actually have very distinct memories of how much her father enjoyed a box. Seriously, a box!! Jordan made boxes into forts, taxis, etc. Never a dull moment for my brother and apparently, never for his daughter either.

Jonah, we missed you!!!! Jordan, Jeremy and my Dad.

The morning we flew out it snowed. I loved it. I loved it. I love it!
I miss you Illinois.


kyle and jennifer said...

just the post i was waiting for ;) although i was hoping for a few more pics of you thrown in the mix... anything you can do about that?!? :) love you friend!

Kelli B said...

I love your snuggle socks, Eddie's cute freckle/mole on his nose, Waveland sitting on your gift, and the photo of the snow at the end. Your house looks like a Christmas house!

Glad you got to come home Jo. Hope you loved every minute of it.

Joanna Kay said...

leg warmers, kelli... leg warmers. they rock my socks off... literally.

sarah g said...

LOVE the photos! Leslie's hair is so cute!! And what a fabulous gift you got for your parents. That is so awesome!!!! Happy Thanksmas!! :)