Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Saaya, Sae and Yasushi... oh my!

Recently three of my good friends came to spend a wonderful Christmas with me. It was a lot of fun.... Yasushi gets ready to put his feet in the sand...



Yasushi, Sae, and Saaya.... just kidding...

as badly as I wanted this shot to be artistic and beautiful... all i could think of while I was shooting it was the theme from Days of Our Lives... like sand through an hour glass, so are the days of our lives....
oh silly childhood.

Saaya and Joanna

I had to.... it was December 20th and I was comfortably wearing flops...


Sae and Joanna



Dinner together...

We detoured over the AZ for Ryan and Ariel's wedding (i'll post those pictures soon...)

AZ sunrise

The family we stayed with, the Seery's have two of the cutest little girls...

On top of Signal Hill overlooking LA and the surrounding areas....

Signal Hill

Christmas Eve dinner with Mikey's dad... we taught him the card game, Golf.

Christmas Eve crew; Jack, Yasushi, me, Saaya, and Mikey

The girls and I decorated Christmas cookies...

Christmas Day with Mikey's mom (in red) aunt (in black) cousin (white) and our Japanese friends. Thanks Jenny for the dinner; oishiikatta!!!

Mikey's Mom, Mikey and me

Sunset from Joni's apartment

I took the girls to my favorite place thus far, in LA, Santa Monica... I love everything about Santa Monica; the little shops, the street performers, the pier, the ocean, the sunset....
This little girl was completely fixiated on the drummer.

Santa Monica

Lisa and I are confused... who would want to see crime scenes?

I call this, the Lake of Shimmering Waters, except it's not a lake... but I think AofGG would understand.

Sae, Lisa, myself and Saaya at the end of their wonderful trip... and our day at Santa Monica.
more pictures to come soon.


Christy said...

How fun! I'm glad you had a good Christmas with everyone! and it was good to see you sister :D

I don't know if you noticed, but I put the video of ryan and ariel's dance with "joni poon" talking over it on my blog.

Sarah G said...

Love the pics, Jo! And dude, I totally think AofGG NAMED the Lake of Shimmering Waters! That is SO something she would say! Haha. Love it! I would so be her bosom friend. And yours! :)

kyle and jennifer said...

awwww, looks so fun! :)
mikey, love the facial hair!

jo, i recognized your toes before i read the caption of the feet pic ;) that made me happy :)

sae, saaya, yasushi, iinaa!!!! you went to california! i'm jealous!!! i miss you guys :(

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo...you are the hostest with the mostest for sure! :) Excellent job on the cookies, ladies! How fun to see a snippet of your time together over the holidays! And how cute are you, Joanna, in all these pics! You look just like your mom! :) Tee-hee! XOXOX