Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shelving 101

These are my shelves... but in my fantasy world, they're already assembled.

Hmmm... what are these for?

Sooo pretending I knew what I was doing I started putting the shelves together.

This isn't so hard, right?


Hmmm.... and these little hummers?

Well, after a day and a half (no joke) of assembling the shelves, taking them apart because I did it wrong about three or four times I had to take different parts apart... very frustrating, I have the finished project.

And even though the closet doesn't look clean this is actually very clean and makes me feel very happy. Hooray for organization.
And yes, those are clogs.


Leslie said...

Hooray for perseverance! You accomplished your goal...anything worth doing at all is worth doing well! :) The shelves are very cool,
and I love all the colors in your closet! Reminds me of a girl full of beauty and sparkle for Jesus! XOXOX

Kelli B said...

I love it. Totally worth your exhausted efforts! They look great. I was going to post about the colors in your closet too - love the yellow.

Way to hang in there and finish the job!

kyle and jennifer said...

i love that i have memories for all your shoes i can recognize...
SIJ airport pick up 2007... ;)
another special airport outfit :D

way to go on the organization!

Mikey said...

I wish I could be a fly on the wall on your shelving experience! Good job on your shelving. Looks good. Way to go babe.