Monday, March 02, 2009

Being wise...

I'm curious to see what people are using to help budget their money. Or are you using something? I've been trying this new system out online and I know my roommate uses another... I'm just wondering if there is something easy and user-friendly because as hard as I try I am unsuccesfully budgeting my money.

Don't worry, Mom, I haven't made any MAJOR mistakes. But every month I try to budget and enter my spending into this little online tool but it never seems to match up to my actual accounts. So I have less money in my budget than in my actual account.

I'm frustrated.

I would like to be wise with my money. I would like to budget and save and be smart with my money... but I seem to be lacking some sort of skill that my online tool is aware of and I am not.

What do you all think? To budget or not? Online or not? Good ol' paper and pen or if you're like me... pencil? I've heard of, etc.

What's the word?


Jordan and Rochelle said...

Budget. And call Jeremy. He can direct you with Mvelopes. He helped me get started (I was VERY frustrated), and now that I've learned to use it, I love it.

Kelli B said...

My sister in law and her husband use and a friend from college. We signed up and used it for awhile, but it didnt stick with us. Instead, we created a good ol' Excel spreadsheet. I can show you a snapshot sometime. Simple, useful, we have been better budgeters :)


jamie said...

ya know who is good at that is Hilary Peps.. or heather!
try getting a hold of them!