Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Changes and random thoughts

I need changes. I just saw my friend Jillian's new blog set-up and I was instantly jealous. I need changes. I get bored with things that just continue to happen over and over and over and over....

seriously boring.

It's kind of interesting because I like changes but right now I'm longing for somewhere to put my roots down. I'm not sure if it's necessarily a place but more like people... How do I reconcile my need for change and new things with my desire to put down roots?

I'm also realizing that I get a certain thrill when I accomplish things in life. Do you? For instance, I drove through LA traffic and was finding my way to Bob Hope Airport (i know, right?) and it was thrilling to me that I could maneuver my little country behind through all this ridiculous traffic.

On the downside, when I was back home in Illinois I seriously wanted to honk at people for driving too slow. Changing multiple lanes at one time makes me happy. But don't tell my Mom I said that. :)

Being back in Illinois and having time with my family made me realize my idea of home will always look more like a country house than a studio in the city. I don't know if I will ever get that kind of house but to me, I'm more a country girl than a city girl.

It's absolutely gorgeous out. It's going to be 76 degrees and there is not. a. cloud. in. the. sky.

California is growing on me. I realized that the only thing I don't like about CA is how far I am from my family and my closest friends. But I have good friends here who I adore and look forward to time with them....

but if my family and my friends moved out here. Not to LA but maybe somewhere around here. I think I'd enjoy CA more.

So wait... going back to the change option, I need to change something in my life. Hmmm.... doushiyo!?

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