Tuesday, March 31, 2009


March was a month full of many different emotions, memories and moments...I said "goodbye" to my Grandpa Schupbach. It was one of the weirdest feelings to be at his funeral. Since that time (the 11th) I've often woken up and the first thought in my head is, "My Grandpa is dead." and I can't quite figure out why it doesn't make sense.
I am overwhelming thankful that he lived as long as he did. But I can't quite shake the fact that he is gone. I've had so many precious memories with him that going home this summer will be a little quieter without my Grandpa there to greet me.

Going home was a mix of emotions; the death of my Grandpa, his funeral, helping my Grandma out and yet, the excitement of getting to see my family again.

Lenora Daye

Lenora and Uncle Jordan

Grandma reads Lenora and Waveland a story.

The ceremony of "cookie dunking"... my father presents the cookie jar.

Each participant in the ceremony gets a glass of milk and a cookie (or 2 or 3...)

After dunking the cookie into the milk. proceed to devour it. Yummy!

Then enjoy good conversation with the person sitting next to you...

Mmm Waveland loves her cookie...

Ooo she really loves her cookies.


Little cookie face Waveland....

giving Grandpa a cookie kiss.

(sorry my pictures are blurry. still trying to figure out the best way to take in low lighting)

How was it everyone?
I think that means they liked the cookie dunking!

Not sure what this means...

The next day Grandpa took Waveland and Lenora out to explore nature...
Waveland spotted a bird.

and together they all found rocks.

it's so hard being the littlest, isn't it Adelia?

Lenora, Waveland and Edwin

How can you resist such a face?

It was hard to leave my family but awaiting me in California was my friend from Japan, Kanako. She had come to LA for a business trip but stayed three extra days to be with me. It was so much fun and really relaxing.

Me and Kanako

We even saw a seal off the Santa Monica pier... I didn't even know they hung around those part. It was awesome!

And after Kanako left, UCLA Navigators took their spring break trip to Pismo Beach.
(Kels, Kristine and Jillian)

under the pier

under the pier

Jillian has the best laugh. She's such a joyful person!

It was great to be at the beach, laying out, throwing the frisbee and enjoying good company.

We went to see the Elephant seals and here Kristine is laying on the railing where they show you how big the animals can get... see the bottom rail is the baby, the middle rail is the mama seals and the top rail is for Big Poppa!! You can't even see how long he can get. Way bigger than Kristine. :)

There they are!

Kelsey at my favorite Slo coffeeshop Black Horse. It was so refreshing to get some time in the Word and to hang out with friends...

No offense but I do not miss the midwest's weather.


Leslie said...

It was a precious three weeks... a March full of wonder and awe at a grandfather's Homegoing and a younger grandfather's playfulness and cookie kisses! Your pics and stories are to be treaured as is your life! I love you, Joanna! xoxox

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos - love the sweet little faces!!

I have the same feeling when I wake up each morning... and thoughts of my dad are always the last thing on my mind before I go to sleep. I wonder why it works that way.