Thursday, September 23, 2010


I would love to be one of those crafty DIY type bloggers.  But I'm not.  And that's not why you read this.  You read this blog because you know I'm a healthy mixture of part nuts part impulsiveness.  And that, is what brings you back for more.  You wonder what crazy blog I'm going to post next and what weird things am I begging hubs for.
Well, you are nothing short of in luck with this post.
Because the other day, my horom... *cough* I mean impulsive monster that lives within my very heart and makes me happy was raging and I was in desperate need to clean, organize and change something. Some days I just get like this.  Where my house is chaotic and I tell hubs, either the couch goes or I go.
And then I remember we can't afford another couch at this time and so it stays... and so do I.

But just because the couch has to stay doesn't mean I can't yank the books off the bookshelf, drag it to my patio in a desperate impulsive move (It's the monster influencing me) and spray paint it.

And who cares if the spray paint was originally chosen for the table outdoors, so naturally it's bright and fiercly gardeny.
Who says that bright blue can't make a nice bookshelf indoors?
Who's even thinking past the next two minutes anyway?

So I call up my friend... um, we'll call her Falicia (wink, wink) and say, "Wanna come over and spray paint? Hubs isn't home."
And she comes.

And although it looks like she's taking pictures whilst I paint the bookshelf...
truth be told, she did 90% of the spraying.
I say 90% because 90% into the spraying we ran out...

So I called hubs while Falicia disappeared and asked him to bring another can of spray paint shade Pacific Blue and that I would explain later.

And then later came... and although I cried when I saw the bookshelf at first, it's actually quite grown on me.
And yes, I did cry... but like I said, the horom... i mean, impulsive monster doesn't always persuade me to make the best decisions.
But when you and the impulsive monster are best friends it makes everything okay.  And truth be told, it's one of the reasons Hubs married me anyway... because I told him I might do things like this.
I told you didn't I hubs?



Nicole Suzanne Farley said...

I like it!!!! Way to go impulsive monster! I think I may have met you a time or two myself...hmmm. :)

Joanna Kay said...

Ha ha Nicole. I'm pretty sure you've met the monster. When can we hang out again!?

Jamie said...

i like it too! the blue looks good..