Monday, September 27, 2010


 Every so often a person gets the chance to reflect...
and to set goals.
For most people it happens on the first of the new year.
For me, the fresh start begins on September 27 since that was the day it all began for me.
This year I want to try something new.  I got the idea that as a twenty-eight year old I should challenge myself to do 28 things I wouldn't normally do or things I have been meaning to do but haven't gotten to yet.
I asked my family and hubs for ideas and what lies beneath is the beginning of a beautiful adventure.

 twenty.eight things to do 
(and the people who helped me come up with them)
1. write more letters and less emails
2. take a floral arrangement class
3. take a writing class (G & G I. inspired)
4. surf more frequently and finally stand up (Alaina's suggestion)
 5. Buy a drink/groceries for the person behind you in line (Rochelle)
6. Deep sea fish
7. Write a children's book
8. Go sailing
9. Go to another new country.
10. Visit a redwood forest
11. Try a new recipe each week (R & Becca)
12. Work your way through a favorite cookbook (to be decided later).
13. bring goodies/small gift (potted plant) to neighbors
14. go on more nature walks with family
15. get all dressed up in my very best, go out to eat in a fabulous restaurant (Grandma S.)
16. write an article for a magazine until I get published. (Dad)
17. Read "My Life in France" by Julia Childs 
18. take a cross country road trip
19. Climb a 14-er (Mt Whitney perhaps??) with family
20. finish reading and interacting with 'Modern Day Malcolms'
21. Find a way to get physical exercise that is fun every day
22. Go kayaking
23. Host more dinner parties
24. Get a tattoo
25. Develop my sewing and crocheting more
26. Write and memorize 28 verses that have been/are impactful in my life (Mikey)
27. Jordan's secret suggestion
28. Becca's secret suggestion

So there you have it. twenty.eight things to do while being a twenty-eight year old. I'll be including a link and posts along the way so that for those of you who are interested can follow to see if I actually accomplish my list.
It's been exciting for me to anticipate this year and to know that so many adventures await me. To push myself.
It's been good to also look back and see how I've adventured and been pushed.

I'll try not to get too sappy on you or even cry as I think about wonderfully blessed I've... sniff... been in life.  I have though.  Beautifully blessed.
I have a husband who not only allows me to be me but helps me to become even more of who I'm supposed to be. Who dreams my crazy dreams with me, who eats my crazy concotions called dinner and says, "I like it." when I do things like paint the bookshelf pacific blue.
I have parents who love and support me even in my wildest endeavors!
Who always have dreamed huge dreams for me and always will.
Who challenge me to remember my roots while living far from them
and who call me five days before my birthday and sing to me every day leading up to the actual day.

I have brothers who taught me to ride a bike, climb a tree and balance my budget.
These brothers married amazingly strong and impressive women who show me every day how to love God by serving your children and families.
Their children, my nieces and nephews, teach me to cultivate the child within my own heart and to never ever grow too old where I can no longer throw my head back and laugh.

 Blessed to have all my friends.
Friends who have seen me grow from childhood, through the awkward years and bounce my way through life.
Friends who have met me along this journey and keep my mailbox filled with love, encouragement and kookiness.
Friends who keep me up late at night.
Friends who kick their shoes off and dance with me.
Friends who teach me that God is always near and never as far as we think.

Thank you to everyone who has blessed me these twenty eight years.
It's been an honor to be your daughter, sister, wife, friend and playmate.
I couldn't have asked for anything else as a gift but the gift of my memory.


Kelli B said...

Love you my sweet friend! Excited to follow along on your adventure.

Jamie said...

what a cool idea, jo. i'd love to do some of the things on your list with you!!!
(ps - that pic of you with your mom is AWESOME. love it. a sweet and tender moment, even though you are wailing..) ;)