Tuesday, September 07, 2010

one year

Wow! What a weekend.
What a year actually.
Hubs and I celebrated our first year anniversary by taking a trip to San Francisco and it was probably the most fun I've had in a long time.  It was wonderful.

It's true. Hubs and I have been married a whole year.  This time last year I was laying on the couch, nursing my wedding planning ulcer with crackers and milk. Ha ha! How romantic.
I didn't have any jitters about getting married.  I was mostly overwhelmed with making sure everyone had a fun time.
Wedding planning might not be the best industry for a people pleaser....

I knew probably a month into dating Hubs that I wanted to marry him.  I knew he was like no other dude I'd ever dated.  He was so different from me and I was intrigued by him.
I still am intrigued.  How can he remain so calm and steady while I am violently rocking our boat? And sometimes rocking it just to rock it.
There is no rhyme or reason to my actions... I just gotta be me.
Anyway, I am always impressed with Hubs' calm and steady heart.  He is the gravity to my rocketing-off-into-space personality. 
He is my perfect match and I am more in love with Hubs today than ever before.

Back to San Fran though... the first time I heard about San Francisco was in the infamous song "San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair)" which was sung to me by my brother Jordan who changed Francisco to Francesco who was a chubby little boy in my first grade class that Jordan teased me about.  I did not appreciate Jordan's song. 

Fortunately, the city is much nicer to me than Jordan was at the time.  There was no Francesco and no one bothering me about liking him.  Actually, the city is nothing like what you would expect.  Sure, the sights are what you'd expect but the tiny pockets of cultures and the not so tiny pocket of Chinatown were so unexpected.  We ate only local, recommended places and tried to do everything we wanted without a plaguing schedule.  It was low-key, relaxed and a vacation catered to what we wanted, when we wanted.

My favorite moments were at the large farmers market on Saturday, driving the "crookedest street" and eating breakfast at a cafe on the corner.  So quaint.

This is me before the crookedest street.

And our favorite little sandwich shop. Seriously! Looking at this picture makes me drool.  The sandwiches were THAT good! Yum!!

I have too many stories to tell and waaay too many pictures. So I'll have to share with you throughout time what a wonderful trip we had.

So blessed by you, Mikey.  So in love with you. So thankful for you and our marriage.  Thanks for loving me and making my life more peaceful.
Here's to many more years of rocking the boat... and you trying to hang on.

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Christy Randl said...

happy anniversary to you and Mikey!