Thursday, October 07, 2010

you. a man. and dinner.

I just saw this question on the Pioneer Woman's website...
"If you could have dinner with one man throughout the history of time, whom would it be?"

And my answer was...
I would without hesitation have dinner with Pawp (my mother’s grandfather). He died before I was born and I never got to meet him but the legacy and stories he has left behind leave me wishing I could have met him. He was full of love, humor and grace. He was employed as a railroad detective so I’m also really curious about his stories from those days.

But now, I'm curious to ask all of you... who would you have dinner with? You. One man and dinner. who would it be?

P.S. Pioneer Woman's original blog is here.


Jer said...

I'd have to say my dad's dad. =) I'm curious what he was like because my dad didn't even know him. (He died when my dad was young.) The idea people lived out lives before I existed is fascinating to me.

Anonymous said...

Grandpa Paulson. And I would make him sing to me. :)

Joanna Kay said...

Melissa, what fun memories!! Michelle and I used to always make him sing Sheer Kan's line from Jungle Book... "that's what frieeeeends are fooooor"
ha ha

Jeremiah, agreed! fascinating, isn't it?