Monday, October 04, 2010


 It's exciting... to be moving ahead in my list (if you're asking yourself what list, click here) and whilst I cannot reveal what my number 27 is on the list of things to do. I will tell you this... it's happening right now.
And no, Steven, I'm not pregnant.
Guess again.
Oh I am just giddy with giggles knowing that someone's day is being made brighter. But enough about 27.

Because I'm terribly indecesive I made Hubs choose the cookbook he thought I should work my way through.  I knew he would choose an asian cookbook but he actually didn't.  He picked this one...
 and when I asked why he go for the asian cookbooks he replied, "Well, we're going to be eating a lot of Japanese food soon enough."
And I concurred.
Soon enough we won't have as many traditional ingredients readily available to us and instead we'll have other fun adventures in cooking.
So for now, we go with the Williams and Sonoma "Weeknight" 40 meals.
And since I hope to get through 40 meals soon, we might even throw in an asian cookbook and share some of our secrets with you all.
So whew, cookbook decided.
And soon to be shared with you lovelies.

Speaking of lovely.... for my birthday I received this beautiful scarf from my brother, s-i-l (got that?) and their kiddos.  However, due to some unforseen emergencies it was used as a burp/barf cloth for my chubby cheeked nephew who's cheeks alone have won me over but then you add in his adorable thighs and I really cannot do anything but go coo coo for cocoa puffs.
And by cocoa puffs I mean my nephew.

 Anyway, with all that said, I did not mind my beautiful scarf being used as a burp/barf cloth.
"I'll just wash it," said I.
And wash it I did.  And hung it up to dry.

 And this is what I came home to.
Sorry if soap scum makes you sick.  Although I did recently scrub my tub, I was not prepared for the upchucking of my purple scarf.  Good thing I put it over the tub and not behind our bedroom door. Sheesh.  It seriously turned everything purple.

Does that make you sick? Sorry but I promise 95% of what you are looking at is purple dye.

I feel like I should be selling tickets for people to take Rorschach tests.
Look! An eight legged giraffee!
Sorry! Am I just taking it too far?

Let's go back and pretend like I didn't just bare my soul and open up the vulnerabilities of seeing someone's bathtub in macro. Just go to your happy place...

Now isn't that better?

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kyle and jennifer said...

ha! you crack me up every stinkin' time i read your blog! can't wait to hear about your cooking adventures - please pass on your favorites :D