Friday, March 04, 2011

18 weeks and a lesson in what not to say to a pregnant woman...

Here we are... 18 weeks!
So far so good.  I'm feeling good, feeling energetic and able to eat just about anything.  I'm still craving the most unhealthy foods but trying to keep my sugary choices down to a minimum.
I'm still cuh-razy about grapefruit.  How good is that fruit? Seriously? It's amazing and I love it.
I'm now 100% in maternity clothes and actually in this picture am in larger than normal "regular" clothes.  I went shopping at my friend Michelle's store... well, where she works and I purchased a few "comfort" items to lounge around in and able to walk around Long Beach in.
She persuaded me to buy the cropped pants in hot pink, not my usual blues/greys/blacks and I'm so thankful she did.
Michelle, you are such a fashionista! Thanks for pushing me out of my comfort blah zone and into snazzy pants zone. ha ha

Okay, now, just a quick lesson before signing off for today.
Please, when you see me, do not ask me if this is what size I'm supposed to be.  Am I larger than other 18 week pregnancies? Yes! Am I larger than some women who are in their 7th month? Yes.
But I am having twins and I have no idea how large/small I'm supposed to be.
All I can say is I'm exercising and eating healthy.
So... please don't ask me if this is what size I'm supposed to be.

I've learned that pregnancy is a good time to learn many things. For one, patience. Patience to go to my next appointment, patience to feel the babies moving, patience at the restaurant taking a long time to serve my food when I'm starving and ultimately patience for nine months to take, well, nine months.  I wish it would hurry but I know it'll be gone before I'm ready for it to be gone and I'll miss having the babies inside of me.
I'm also learning a lot about comparison.  I know plenty of people who are further along with one baby that I am bigger than.  And plenty of people who are at the same stage as me that I am bigger than.  It can really get a girl down to be bigger....
but I can't compare.  I'm trying my best to eat healthy and exercise regularly and if I gain a ton of weight or look like I'm nine months at six months, so be it.  I'm not going to get down about something I can't ultimately control (unless of course I eat an entire cake and then I do have some responsbility for my weight). haha

Anyway, I am learning to love and I do, my body and it's amazing changes.  I'm loving how it was created to be stretched.
18 weeks down! I'm officially in my 5th month!


Ed said...

You are going to have all the fun that Jer and Jordy and Jonah have been having ... but twice as much!

You think you're being stretched in bearing these kids!!?

Wait until you raise them over the next twenty-two years!

I am going to be just sitting back, watching you and Mikey, and having the time of my life.

jamie said...

you look great jo! and dude tell those people to seriously shut it- what the heck. do people hear what they are saying? i had those comments too- when you are having twins NO ONE can talk unless they have had twins! Everyones bodies are so different too- don't even get me started- I worked out, ate well with anna and she was 10lbs :) I was doing jumping jacks in my boot camp class on her due date- makes me mad when people say oh yeah well i just didn't gain weight or i just jumped back into my jeans- well great for you.. cause i worked my butt off and i bet you'd still be fat if you weren't able to just get back into your jeans.. ok anyways no i'm getting off the box!
just saying i understand with ya sister!
love ya
and one more ps- there are no metals awarded not even in heaven.. so keep doin what you're doing!

kyle and jennifer said...

can i just say you are glowing and beautiful in this picture?! you ARE friend!!!

Anonymous said...

Your belly and hair are super cute! And, Waveland said her belly is bigger with cousins.:) So....She thinks bigger is cool!

Alissa said...

Jo, you are so beautiful! Every time I see you, I think that you are so cute!! Ah, I'm excited for you!

Joanna Kay said...

Thanks everyone. I feel really good and I love my belly bump.
I am just trying not to rely on what other people look like to feel "normal" myself. Even if I am big for twins (which I don't think I am) I'm blessed beyond belief.

JK~ I love your fiesty-ness. You make me smile and laugh. You are such a mama tiger!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Joanna, who what you want! You're eating for three! It's every preggers momma's free pass. Use it while you can!

emily said...

you are BEAUTIFUL!!!! oh my goodness. Seriously. beautiful.

Michelle Renae :) said...

i can't get over how much i love the pants :) i love that i convinced you to try them on and i love that you love them :) thank you friend for coming in to visit me that day.

also, i think you are absolutely beautiful and i'm ridiculously excited for the "twinks" :)

Jillian said...

next time someone says that to you just ask them, "and when are you due?" even though they aren't pregnant. that'll shut 'em up :) you look beautiful-- truly.

Auntie Beth said...

You are the PERFECT SIZE for a mommy of double miracles!! What a wondrous mystery God is doing inside your healthy little body, and you look SO beautiful! You are a tiny girl and have a belly full of babies, for heaven's sake!!!! You're supposed to look exactly the way you do, and I love you and each little twinkie so much!!! Keep laughing and go make some potato salad!!! :D

Jer said...

i ditto everyone's comments. you look beautiful! i'm envious of what you and mikey have. what exciting times!!!