Thursday, March 24, 2011

rose colored glasses

Hubs and I had our 20 week ultrasound today and everything looks amazing!!  It was so wonderful seeing the twinkies and to finally know where they are located since I've felt a LOT more movement this past week.
They are lying horizontally across my belly instead of next to each other.  One is, I guess, on top of the other.  How exciting.

So here's the news.... we are 95% sure we are having TWO GIRLS!!! Hence the blog title.  I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of pink and life through pink tinted lenses for awhile.  Unfortunately I don't naturally tend to flock towards pink.  Don't get me wrong, I love pink. I love any color that is bright and wild but so far, as far as baby stuff goes I've tended to stay around aquas and emeralds.  Who knows.  Maybe my girls will shake their head and beg for pink stuff later. :)

The ultrasound tech has only been wrong once in her 31 years of doing ultrasounds, so we're pretty sure we'll be bringing home two pink bundles of wonderfulness this summer, Lord willing. :)

Baby Girl A is number 1 or letter A because she's closest to the birth canal or the exit. :)  She weighs about 13 oz and has a anterior placenta.  Which means the placenta that gives her all her nutrients and oxygen is actually on the top of my belly not on the backside.  Which may explain why I haven't felt her as much.  I thought she was more mellow but maybe it's just the extra cushion between us.  Anterior placentas are not a problem. Baby A has her head towards my left hip and her legs moving up towards my right side of the ribs.  She actually has her feet on top of her sister's head.  So I've been feeling a ton of activity on this side of my stomach because I have a head, hands (of #2) and the feet of #1.  I hope Baby A isn't being too mean to her sister.  As far as measurements go, everything looks right on target for growth and development for Baby A.

Baby Girl B has her head on the right side of my body, under my ribcage area.  Her body and legs swing on over to my left side.  She's about 13 ounces as well and measures right on target for her due date.  Overall, everything looks awesome and they were pretty cooperative with the technician.

The only problem we had with the ultrasound was that I began to get sick from lying on my back so long.  I remember talking to my bestie Kelli about this, not being able to sleep on our backs and I really wondered, "is it really that bad?" but YES! Let me tell you, after a couple minutes on my back I got really hot and nasueated from not getting enough blood to flow to my brain.  Blech.  Twice we had to take a break and let me roll to one of my sides.  I guess the weight of my daughters and all that comes with them was too much for the major blood vessel that flows through my backside. Blech.  It was not fun at all.

So needless to say, when we found out we were having girls my reaction was more or less mellow.  I was just trying to not throw up on the side of the table.  But I made it through.

We're doing good.  We're excited and we can't wait to meet our little Twinkies.  What a huge blessing from God. We're super excited with our news.


Auntie Beth said...

We are SO EXCITED about the baby chicks! Interesting that your blog banner has pretty PINK flowers.... :) Pink is the perfect accent color to the aquas and emeralds you had in mind.... you will have much fun adding pops of every shade of pink, trust me!!!

We love all 4 of you!!!

papamullet said...

baby girls rule! i'll share with you what a dad of 5 boys told liz and me. "boys are pigs." so excited for the four of you.

jamie said...

yay! love you friend!

Amy Noxon said...

So cool! Praying for you that you can sleep well... sounds painful! Love you so much, SO excited with you!!

Kelli B said...

I've been so busy I just now read your blog!!!

I feel bad about your ultrasound issues on your back. I have been trying to "sneak" some sleep time on my back, but I cant breathe at all. It is a lot of pressure on those vessels, and I feel the same sickness you do! Weird.

I'm so thankful your bundles of GIRL are doing well :) It's cute to picture them as they're situated in your belly. I can't wait to talk more detail.

Anonymous said...

Sam was Baby A, Jack was Baby B. Sam is named Sam because that was the 1st name they decided on so they decided the first to be born (obviously Baby A) would be named Sam. Some LaBlanc twin trivia for ya. :)