Friday, May 06, 2011


I'm feeling overwhelmedly blessed this evening.
Nothing physically has changed. I'm not free of back pain, leg cramps or a stretching uterus.  Nothing has changed except my heart.
I was sharing with some lady friends about how I learned recently that it isn't recommended to feed the babies together for the first four weeks.  So for the first four weeks I'll be feeding every 2 1/2 hours one baby at a time in which feeding could possibly take up to an hour.
And as I was sharing I was .... let's be honest, basically complaining about the half an hour that I would have all to myself.
And I felt a little tug on my heart... a little "God tug" and the words from Luke 1 came to my mind, "Blessed are you among women..."
Now I am not claiming to be carrying our savior, or to be even as remotely as surrendered as Mary was (although I strive to be, Lord) or even claim to be more blessed.  I think every woman on earth is being blessed in some way, shape or form.
My shape and form happens to be an oversized but gorgeous uterus that I cannot take my hands off of most of the time.
I hope I can enjoy and relish in every little moment... even the ones that would be "normal" to vent about.  Like the extra poopie diapers and the spit up and the crying and. and. and.....
Nope, I'm blessed.
I think we need to remember and recall to mind that life, even in all it's ebb and flows...
is a blessing.
A blessing.

That's why I am going to start my "thousand gifts list".
I told you about reading this book One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Areand how it has changed me and opened my eyes (click here for my thoughts).  But the truth is, I am forgetful and while I am able to recall some of the nuggets of gold to mind I am quickly forgetting the habit of being thankful for daily life.
So I want to start a small journal where I write down the thousand every day things I am thankful for.

#1  little nudges that inevitable begin when I lay down to rest. Private moments with two sweet daughters.


Christy Randl said...

this is beautiful, and a beautiful reminder for me too. We are blessed! Thank you for sharing Jo!

Leslie said...

Blessing...a sweet word radiating joy and thankfulness.
How precious to think of them one at a will fill many pages in a journal. My favorite thought in this entry was "private moments with two sweet daughters". Indeed a time of blessing radiating joy and thankfulness that only you will know. How God loves us when He tugs on our hearts! How I love you too! XOXO

Josh said...

Joanna, thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment of that "God tug" :).

Blessed to be a blessing indeed