Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the last little bit... of a birthday

  Oh sweet Moses how this boy makes me giddy and tingly inside.
I can't imagine a life I love celebrating more than I do my sweet Hubs.
Hubs is so much more to me than just a Hubs.
Hubs is the calming voice of reason when I am floundering about in a sea of emotions...
He is the steady flow that neither pushes me too fast nor too slow...
He is very tender, very sweet and very aware of others and their needs.
I wish I were more like him.... he is such a generous person with his time, his money and his energy.
He'll answer random phone calls of friends who are wanting to treat their girlfriends to a good dinner and want Hubs advice on where the best korean/chinese/japanese/dim sum/sushi, etc. can be found.
He is a man of quality.

When I first met Hubs almost 4 years ago I was intrigued by his countenance and the way he handled himself.  He was a gentle leader.  He was in charge of a group of students traveling overseas and he was always gently steering them without being overly zealous or bossy.  He is a servant leader.  I was continually impressed with him.  He teased me and challenged me in a way that was cute but never too misleading (although after a couple months I was like "dude, quit flirting with me and let's date already!" but that is just my personality speaking)
I was giddy and glowing and totally 100% in love with Hubs.
Although I told myself I wasn't and I knew I had to hold back and show some restraint.
So we took our time and dated.

and he was and still is totally worth the wait.

Hubs, you have always given me the tingles.  You always make me feel like the most beautiful woman and the most appreciated floundering child of God that I am.  You are quick to remind me of grace and forgiveness and always quick to give me both when I need them.  You love me well and excel in leading me back to the cross where grace flows freely.
It's never about you.  That's why I love your birthday because it's the one day I get to make it about you.  And I hope that I can make more days than just today about you... because baby, my life is incomplete without your quirky little behaviors that I have grown to love and grow fond of.
I love that you eat chicken feet
and pig feet
and love fish cheeks.
I love that you would drive out of your way for a black noodle dish that I don't quite understand.
I love that you help out friends when they ask you to do things like drive across Arizona in the hottest weather in a vehicle with no air conditioning.
I love that you want to encourage more people in life.
I love that you desire to grow more in your friendships.
I love that you eat my cooking and have learned to say "it's not my favorite".
I love laughing with you.
I love lazy days when we're home together.
I love holding your hand
and carrying your children.
I love that you talk to the Twinkies and "discipline" them when they're kicking me in the ribs.
I love that you are soft-hearted and tender towards our nephews and nieces.
You are honest.
You are genuine
You are my favorite. 

I don't know how else to say it but just that I love you more than I ever thought was possible. Thanks for asking me to be your wife.
 Happy Birthday Hubs!

This is how much I adore you.
Oh, and thanks for letting me wear these glasses. :)


Leslie said...

You two are precious! Woo-hoo for Love! XOXOX

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to the man who makes you complete!!! You are both such gifts to each other and compliment each other! Thanks for sharing your love with the rest of us!!! xoxo

Mikey said...

I am spoiled beyond measure cause I have the best wife in the world.