Tuesday, May 03, 2011

April 2011

I love this picture.  I love my butter dish. I just had to say that.
I'm such a country nerd.

April was a month full of surprises.
First, Hubs surprised me with four weeks of sewing classes.
Sewing class was one of my favorite things to do this month because I was able to not only sharpen some of the tools I had learned from my mom or the web but I was also able to meet some really fun people and connect with women in a new way.  It was fun to have classmates and to be able to talk to new people.  There was also four pregnant women in my class of about 10-12.  The class was on making aprons and pot holders from a pattern. Super fun!! I made mine out of a coffee cup fabric and even "quilted" my pot holder.
Lots of fun!!
The second surprise was actually for my Dad.  Hubs and I surprised Eddie Joe on his birthday by traveling to Illinois to see him and visit family for a long weekend.  It was wonderful!! Eddie Joe then surprised me with the above butter dish as a gift.

I did not get any reading in this month. Seriously, nothing on my shelves has tempted me and I haven't made it to the library yet.
Babies had a growth spurt. I passed my glucose test. I made another egg bake that didn't end up in the alley.  I had raging hormones and one of the hardest weekends emotionally for me for no apparent reason.

My mom was in town to visit at the very beginning of April and we did a TON of sewing, watching movies and eating yummy foods.  It was such a blessing to have my mom in California to see our lives here since neither her nor my father have been out since Hubs and I had our CA reception.  My house was full of boxes at that time. Boxes and well-intended wishes for what I could do with this house.  But now, our home is filled with stories, love, tears and laughter.  It was fun to share my home and life with her.
Mom and Dad will both be back out to California when the babies are born to help. Woo hoo!

Overall, April was an awesome month with lots of little fun moments tucked inside of it. 

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