Saturday, April 30, 2011

26 weeks & babycation

 I'm not going to lie.  Looking at this picture kind of makes me hurt.
ha ha!! Just kidding... well, kind of.
26 weeks into this pregnancy and I am still feeling for the most part good.  I have days where I am more tired than others but overall still feeling good.
I had a growth spurt from 24 week check-up!
Ready for this?  I had my check-up on April 12th and measured 30 cms as I recorded on the last update.  Hubs and I laughed.
I went in to the doctors on April 28th and was measured at.....
ready for this?
35 cms.
So in 16 days I grew 5 centimeters.
We still laughed but I laughed a little less harder and had to ask my doctor if she was at all concerned about this.  40 centimeters is like the "ding" on the dinnerbell in my mind.  Ding as in, you're done.  Your turkey has cooked, the thermometer has popped.
So naturally hearing that I was already 35 centimeters and it wasn't even technically May (remember I'm due in August- three months away) kind of made me panic a bit.
My doctor said she wasn't very concerned about it. She said I'd probably go past 40 cms and that all that stretching and growing would, yup, be painful but that it was all going to be okay.
She also reassured me that I had had a growth spurt and wouldn't necessarily see a growth like this again.  Maybe? Maybe not?!

I always wanted a growth spurt but never imagined it would happen to me sideways and not length-wise. *sigh*
Anyway, 26 weeks marks the beginning of what my doctors call "house rest" and what I thought they were calling "house ar-rest".  They had a good laugh about that one when they heard me call it that.  Now I like to call it my babycation as in a "baby vacation".... or my rest for my babies.  So what do I plan on doing during my babycation?
Finishing the nursery, prepping for babies, reading, cooking, and if I can, find a nice pool to jump into (well, not so much jump more like clumsily climb into) and swim around this summer.
Ah, babycation sounds nice. And right in time for summer!!

Please pray that the girls get as close to August as the Lord wills!!


Leslie said...

You are absolutely beautiful and glowing! :) 26 weeks looks great on you! Isn't it sweet that God already knows your girls' birthdays and their names! He continues to knit them together for that perfect time when they'll arrive to finally hold in your arms! You have three guardian angels fluttering about you 24-7!
XOXOXOXO a hug and kiss apiece and some for Mikey too!

jamie said...

you look great JO! remember you have 2 babies.. you will not be on the "normal" measurements.. I will send you pics of me! :)

Ed said...

I have seen many 'growth spurts' in you during your life to this point. While some have been painful (it always hurts a bit to watch the present go softly into the memory) and some have been phenomenal, they've all been about living The Life That is in you by the Spirit of Jesus. Eventually we come not to mind the pain so much. Pain is a sign of life. And I don't think we will ever stop growing; even in The Everlasting Presence.

TheFrazers said...

Joanna, You look so beautiful! It if fun to see the difference between one baby and 2. I am so thrilled for you and Mikey and I think a babycation sounds glorious!

jamie said...

jo jo, you look so cute! :) your first words made me laugh: "this picture makes me hurt." :) i think every (sane) pregnant woman feels this way, and you're having twins! praying your body will hold up for you and those precious baby girls!