Saturday, April 09, 2011

tradition (to be sung to the tune of the Fiddler on the Roof song)

 Is there anything more fun than traditions?  Traditions are usually kept to special ocassions like Christmas, Easter and birthdays.  I am all about my Christmas traditions.  I have a hard time with people who want to sleep in on Christmas morning and have had to learn to be flexible getting a household full of children and adults up and going when all I want is for everyone to run down the stairs at 6am, the smell of cinnamon rolls wafting in from the kitchen, and Santa Claus quietly slipping out the door- not quite fast enough to not get caught by my nieces and nephews.  Lord help my sweet children if they prefer to sleep in because I will not allow for it on Christmas morning. Sorry sweet babies doing cartwheels in my uterus as I type.
While I am all for my Christmas traditions and developing birthday and Easter traditions, I am also intrigued by those who have traditions for non-holidays.
My friend Jin posted a picture of chocolate chip pancakes and a caption that read, "Saturday Morning tradition"....
and it made me think, "Why can't you have a tradition and a fun special treat for normal days like Saturday?"
 So today, Hubs and I enjoyed chocolate chip pancakes and. they. were. heavenly.  Really amazing.  I mean, are you surprised by that comment? That they were delicious.  It's your basic comfort food food groups; carbs and chocolate.  So really, there shouldn't be any surprise that chocolate pancakes are amazing.
And drool worthy.
And because it was Saturday and I had time to make them and then take about two billion pictures, I did and now you can enjoy the pictures.
But first.... a couple questions.
1. Can you just make a tradition or how do they begin?  Can I call this a tradition or do I have to have chocolate chip pancakes for the next ten years before they are tradition worthy?
and 2. did you have any traditional foods that you eat for Christmas, birthdays or a plain ol' day of the week?  If so, what was it and do you keep it up?
 Enjoy the pictures and don't forget to hum Fiddler on the Rood while scrolling through them.  It'll make the experience more enjoyable.  Oh I heart Tevye!

 don't hesitate to lick the spatula.  well, your own!! You shouldn't be licking mine or it'll only sadly be the taste of dusty computer screen.

Hubs put syrup on his. I did not. I preferred the simple butter and melted chocolate taste.  Try any topping and let me know what works!

The Twinkies gave the chocolate chip pancakes two flips!  I think that means they loved 'em!!


Caitlin said...

Yum!! We actually have a tradition with chocolate chip pancakes! My mom always makes them for us on our birthdays. So delicious! :)

Ed said...

When we were kids we would sometimes go to my Dad's (your Grandpa's) home place on Sunday for the day. That was a one-way trip of about ninety miles from Tremont to Rankin, so we would start early. We would gas up at Bruner Brothers full service gas station in Tremont. Gas was twenty cents a gallon. Bloomington was about half way, and they had a "Pancake House"; something we'd never seen, and we always stopped. I liked the blueberry, but my sister Margie always got the chocolate chip pancakes - something we'd never seen until we went there. She had to be the first one in our family ever to eat chocolate chip pancakes.

Jenna said...

I like butter and powdered sugar on my chocolate chip pancakes! :)

Jamie said...

YUM! we have a saturday morning pancake tradition, too, but we mix it up with different kinds: regular, pumpkin, blueberry, oatmeal, and the occasional crepe or waffle. i haven't done chocolate chip in a while, so this saturday, its on :) though i have learned that i need to start serving sausage, weenies, or yogurt with them for more protein, because if i eat just pancakes, i'm pooped out by the end of the meal when my boys are ready to start the saturday fun :P mom fail :(

auntie beth said...

I grew up on Mom/Grandma's chocolate chip pancakes. I've carried on the tradition with my kiddos & they're still a huge fave at my house! We always make smiley faces out of the choco chips :) Maple syrup is amazing on them - and sometimes I also mash up some ripe bananas to put in the batter. Yummm!