Friday, April 08, 2011

overrun... with a thought

We've been overrun recently with some friendly visitors.  With spring in the air, we've had an affluence of caterpillars making their way towards our home which will provide warmth and shelter for their sweet little cocoons.
For the most part we are not bothered by them except when they tried to make their cocoon on our open door (oops, I left it that way so I could sit inside but feel like I was outside).
I'm excited to see their cocoons change and for them to spread their little wings and take flight eventually.

Caterpillars remind me of an analogy that the authors used in the book, "TrueFaced" which I read last semester.  They said that if the DNA was taken from a caterpillar and looked at, you could essentially say, "This is the DNA of a butterfly" and they related this to how we are changed and made into our righteous selves through Christ.  Even though we may feel like we are the same ol' person with the same ol' sin and mistakes that bog us down.
How encouraging is that? That though I struggle with sin and wonder if I will ever become the person I was made to be, it's imperative for me to know and believe and claim for my life that I am actually already that person in Christ.  God never expects perfection from us.  Even after we've reconciled our hearts with Christ, we're still not expected to be perfect.  We're expected to rely and cling to Christ.  And His perfection works in us. Although you may look like the same ol' caterpillar, God no longer sees a caterpillar when He looks at you through Christ.
He sees a butterfly.
If anyone is in Christ, He is a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come.
2 Corinthians 5:17

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Ed said...

THAT is NOT a caterpillar.

THAT is some kind of "porcupillar". A caterpillar is fuzzy with soft furry fuz.

You can stroke them with your finger and they are very soft. If you push too hard, their guts come out and they are mostly whitish, and sickening to see.

This thing has no fuz. It has spikes. You can not stroke this thing with your finger unless you are prepared to give blood.

If you push too hard, the insides of your finger will be smeared across the surface where the porcupillar has taken its stand, and it will be unphased by the pressure of your finger.

A porcupillar is a formidable creature of God, Who created it to be a kind of "tank" or armoured "Hum-V" in the insect world.

I would not try to make a pet of it on the patio.