Monday, April 11, 2011

crafty time

 I was feeling a bit crafty today.  So I tackled a project that I was hesitant to do at first.  My mama had brought me these beautiful aqua curtains but something. was. missing.
I couldn't quite put my finger on it until I started a different project and then it hit me.
Embellishments and applique.
Do I know how to applique? No, I'm not even sure that's how you spell it but it looks right.
So with a pattern to look at it (but wasn't using since I already had my curtains) I just kind of "winged" it.  No pun intended.
So here you go, a sneaky peaky at the nursery decor.

 See? Beautiful curtains but I wanted just a little bit more!

 Not the straightest or best stitching but cest le vie! The curtains came together!!!

 These are not E.T. hands but actually tree branches.

 This little darling is my favorite!!! Even though the pattern didn't have a flying bird I wanted one.  So I made one flying.

ta-da!! My birds, the wind blowing the leaves and a little friend, coming to join them.
How fun and cute for my sweet little daughters!!!


Kelli B said...

Jo these are ADORABLE!!!

Griff & Sharon said...

I love the too!

auntie beth said...

That is sooo cute!!

Laura said...

Hi Joanna,

Hello! My name is Laura. Okay, so this is REALLY random and I hope you will forgive me. I came across your blog because we have some mutual friends - Betsy [Skat] Kruse is one of them - and I have enjoyed reading it. I know this is weird, please forgive me! Anyway, I just HAD to comment because those curtains are amazing and I can't believe that you sewed all of that w/o a pattern, it looks so great!

Anyway. Hope you don't mind the randomness - best wishes from Iowa :-)

Laura G.

Abbie said...

LOVE!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. I am all about birds right now- Curt made me stop decorating with them :) I love this- but that isn't really surprising considering we are connected-at-the-hip somehow. Beautiful work, my friend! And I still owe you a diaper email! It's coming soonish!