Monday, April 25, 2011

sometimes i drool

Sometimes when I have a minute or two I like to peruse blogs and recently I've gotten into home decorating blogs or DIY or just crafty blogs in general.
I like to read about the projects and see the transformations that many of these bloggers do themselves.  And while I would consider myself a beginning crafty person I still look to a lot of these blogs for daydreams and inspiration... and then I drool.
I mean, how can you not drool over the yellow accents and the ingenuis idea this blogger had to use a barn door as her bedroom door.
That's right I said a barn door.
Be still my beating heart!

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 And if that weren't enough her headboard is literally lovely! 
I can't stop staring at this.

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 This blogger had the nerve to do an awesome pantry.  If this is this lady's pantry I would love to see the rest of her house.  I love the paint choice. I love the chalkboard labeling. I love that she has shelves and shelves set aside just for her entertaining/decorating purposes. Who has that many cake stands and glass vases?!?!?! *sigh*  I actually just recently found this blog and love love LOVE that she loves colors!! I think we will have a beautiful blog friendship.... the kind of friendship where she doesn't know I exist and I stalk her blog to watch for updates.
Oh internet... thank you!

 She EVEN has a *sigh* baking station!! How fun!!

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 And let's not forget the blog that helped me get started with my drooling.
Jones. Sweet Jones!  Her tutorials and diy information is so easy I've done a couple of her projects already and loved them. I have a beautiful canvas art piece that I did from her blog above my bed but unfortunately I'm not happy enough with it to post a picture.  I think it's because I need more color to help it stand out.  So it's a project in process for now.
I love this project of hers and want to do a woven fabric pin board for my girls' room.  But again, I love her colors. That blue is so beautiful and really makes the fabric board stand out. Not sure if I could do this with beige fabric.... might just bleed into my wall. Hmmm....

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And finally for today. I love Holly Mathis interiors because she seems to be a gal after my own heart.  I love her rustic almost country charm.  Love this table!! And if I can say this about someone else's table I love how "beat up" it looks.  It looks loved and lived in.

What are some ideas/blogs or projects that inspire you or make you drool?


Abbie said...

I want that pantry!

Anonymous said...

Several years ago a lady named Joanne Pierson and her hubby moved to Reeve. Their house is right up by Wayne & Iris's. They were antique collectors and Joanne is just about as adorable as anyone could ever be. Her hubs, Al, passed away years ago, but she still has their awesome place. I got to go over there a couple years ago and she has a barn door very similar to this one going into her kitchen. It was the coolest thing I've ever seen. I still think about it sometimes. I wish you could spend some time in her house...I could spend hours in there looking at her wonderful treasures and decorating!