Thursday, May 26, 2011


I got this idea from my beloved friend Jamie O. over at High Countries (click on title) for doing a blog and since I have no news worthy of an entire blog than I thought I'd just catch you up on all the little happenings around our home.

about all sorts of random things.  I have the most fantastic and vivid dreams during pregnancy.  Last night I had two that I remember...
#1 was me drinking our plant water... ok, so back story on this one~ I am trying to start my own plant from a leaf that I cut from my ivy.  I called my Grandma up and followed her directions to starting it and she mentioned that I should put plant food in the cup of water in order to speed up the process of the cutling starting it's own roots.
In my dream, I drank the cup full of water and miracle grow and told Hubs it was to help the babies grow. Weird!!
Dream #2 was longer and more indepth but basically my high school bf Sarah and enrolled both of us in grad school in Wisconsin.  And I was seriously considering going and living in the dorms again. CRAZY!!!  When I woke up though I had an intense desire to go back to the midwest and also to return to school.  I hope I can do both someday soon.

Hubs' old boxer shorts, a maternity top that no longer covers the bottom half of my belly and a beanie to keep my wayward hair in place.
Buh.  Since I'm the same size as a single pregnancies final days I am running out of options for clothes.  Yes, I could go out and buy some large and extra large shirts... but I'm hoping to make it through the summer without having to make another maternity outfit purchase.  It's pretty comical to me and before you go judging me for my outfit, I am staying at home 80% of my days these days anyway.  So no harm done to the general public.

that these little munchkins inside will decide to shift head down in the next couple of weeks.  It's been a battle in my head because I would really love to go for a natural birth and see what my body can do and experience the process of laboring... but I also will not at any cost put my children at risk.  Move babies, move!  I woke up this morning and it was the first thing on my mind. Their positioning... and so I started to pray and pray and when I finished I glanced at the clock and it said, "8:28"
Oh, how i love when God does this.  It's like my own little message from Hm.  For quite awhile now, I can't even remember how long, but for some time God has laid Romans 8:28 on my heart whenever I see the clock strike that time.  It has been a comfort to me in the past and was today.
And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.  

a ton of desserts from Hubs' birthday last week and being blessed by two showers in the month of May.  I felt overwhelming blessed by my Navigator women's shower and the church ladies shower.  Thank you to all who came and helped hostess!! I felt blessed and loved and so lucky to have a wonderful group of friends in Long Beach. Praise God!!

mostly just cereal these days.  Milk sounds soooo good these days and the cereal is quick and easy for when I'm suddenly struck with hunger pains.  I eat big meals in the morning and tend to slow down for the rest of the day.  I don't feel very interested in food at night.

our wedding anniversary by eating the top of our wedding cake.  Okay, it actually wasn't as romantic as that.  It basically went like this...
Hubs: "can we get this cake out of the freezer?"
Me: "but it's for our anniversary..... ooooookay, but we still have to eat it."
after eating it, Hubs: "this is gross"
Me, shoving a forkful in my frosting tinted mouth, "Really?!? I don't think it's so bad."
 So we celebrated our one year, 8 months and some change anniversary by eating two (or maybe I had more) bites of our beautiful wedding cake. 

for my books I put on hold to come through for me in the library. I'm trying to do a lot of leisure reading this summer while I can but the books I've been wanting to go through (which a lot of you beloved readers suggested to me) are all checked out at the library. Hmmm...

God for all the daily life blessings that He has given to me.  I'm working my way slowly up to a thousand gifts.
I know they're there, Lord, please give me the eyes to see them. 


spartacus21 said...

I thought you ate the cake top for your first anniversary? is it normally the second?

Also, I love thinking about you sitting around the house blogging and eating cereal! I can't believe the next time i get to see you will be baby time!

Love you Jo!

Cate said...

Ha! We ate our cake around 13 mos... Grandma had stored it for us. Noel thought it was gross, Gram and I thought it was okay, and my grandpa ate like three pieces. :) Loving your baby updates... we will meet our little ones soon!