Sunday, October 30, 2005

Banjo Onmyknee Schupbach

Laughter... it's one of my favorite things to do. Some of my best moments have happened while I was laughing, and some of my most embarassing moments. Just ask Nicole Farley about our pop drinking contest that occured last week. Anyway, this dog, Banjo Onmyknee Schupbach (who belongs to my brother Jordan and his wife Rochelle) has provided me with more laughter than I was expecting when she first joined our family.
For instance, Banjo has been going through some training... the last year has been one intense lesson and so after tonight's laughter episode I thought I would share some of my Banjo training highlight stories...
When Banjo was younger, she was learning how to jump into the jeep. She would put her two paws on the jeep ledge and would expect Jordan or Rochelle to pick her up. But Jordan and Rochelle were adamant about getting her to jump into the jeep. So Mom suggested that maybe Rochelle needed to take a running start with Banjo. So Rochelle would back up a couple steps and then run into the jeep and Banjo would run with her but then stop and put her two paws up on the ledge. Back and forth Rochelle ran across our front lawn.
Then Jordan thought that if he nudged her in the back she'd get the idea, well
that didn't work because Banjo thought she was supposed to lean on Jordan's leg and so she just flopped backwards.
The dog is so silly. One time, when they were grilling out in their backyard, Jordan caught her eating the ashes, so he "rapped" on the window (with his knuckles, not like Tu Pac) and she turned to look at him. When she breathed out ashes blew out of her mouth, like pffft.
ha ha
Banjo once ate a whole shingle that fell of our Uncle Mark's house. Banjo also got "fixed" and had a cone put around her neck to keep her from eating her stitches. At first, she liked her cone because she learned how to use it to "shovel" in the dirt with it. She'd dig, dig, dig and then SCOOP with her cone and toss it over her shoulder.
Then she grew tired of the cone and ate it. Yup, she ate it!
She'll eat anything and she is SO disobedient. Man, I've never seen a dog deliberatly disobey their master.
Today's episode with Banjo was that she ate a piece of wood from the fireplace (there was no fire in it) but then Rochelle had to dig in her mouth (SICK ME OUT) and then had to shake her face with her mouth pried open.
ha ha ha!!
Man, thanks Banjo for all the laughter. Actually, thanks Jordan and Rochelle for letting me laugh at you.

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