Sunday, February 25, 2007

Things that Make Me Smile

I haven't been feeling the greatest... it's okay, you don't have to send me flowers or anything. I just haven't been feeling like the normal "genki" Jo I usually am.... so here are some things lately that have been keeping me smiling.

Lately, it's been all about Mar Bear. She has truly become my best friend and definitely my "onechan" (older sister). even though I am older than her, I learn so much from her. I can't imagine being in Japan without her. She's hilarious.
Jeremiah, your email from you and sort-of Cole just really spoke volumes of love to me. Thanks for being my brother and taking care of me from across the ocean. I enjoy our random chats on gmail.
I'm digging learning about the culture I'm in and look forward to learning more about other cultures through my Pop's religion course. Dad, let's start this week, okay?
I love learning about people. Aren't people beautiful?
This one makes me smile and cry... I really wish I could be with Rochelle as she is growing. I miss you Rocket (and family). Be sure to take lots of pictures...
The thought that Amy Hatcher (left) is going to be in my house and life in two weeks and two days makes me SOOOO happy.
The Roods kids make me smile... tonight Jin told me an adorable story about Yaya asking to hear more about how Jesus can forgive your sins. As we were singing and worshipping together tonight, it made me really sad to think of how quickly this time with the Roods and Mary is going... okay, seriously, only happy thoughts. ;)
Oh Lenora, being able to see you on webcam skype made me SO happy. I have told everyone I see that I played "peek-a-boo" with you. You are the most precious little girl. I will never forget your birth and all the moments we've shared since then. Although those times may be few you are FOR SURE a joy in my life and the reason I can go to bed with a smile on my face tonight. I love you, Leni Daye.
Remembering how often and how hard I would cry out to God to let me return to Japan... seeing that desire turn into a prayer into a process into a "flight away" into my life... realizing that my God is a God of desires and hopes. I smile thinking about how amazing and truly great God is. I smile thinking about where He has taken me and the adventure of the future...

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Ojen said...

Oh Joanna! YOU make me smile! those are some great thoughts. Thanks for sharing the happy moments with us =)... (as well as the sad) your in my thoughts and prayers.

p.s. we need to catch up soon. miss you!
p.p.s. haha Coles face makes me laugh in that pic