Saturday, February 03, 2007

Silent No More

The blogging "fast" has come to somewhat of an end. I might not be as frequent a visitor as I was in the past BUT I just wanted to post some stellar pictures and videos. The BEST thing about Shizuoka, besides the beautiful mountains, deep blue ocean, and famous green tea, is the PEOPLE!
I have thoroughly enjoyed my few but meaningful study breaks.
With Kanako Suzuki.... bumping into an OLD OLD friend, Taka. I didn't think I would ever see him and then *bikurista* there he was... at the door of my house. We both just stood there, mouths wide open.
Two of the nicest guys in BEST club; this proves that even underclassmen can win your heart. I ADORE Junpei and Daisuke (two guys in the middle flashing the peace).

Long time friends; Keiko and Reiko win the talent show with their rendition of a Japanese commercial, Tarako. It was HILARIOUS!!!
Koshi and I got some time together before he graduates and heads out into "grown-up world".

Natsuko Sensei is not only our teacher but such a sweet friend. We enjoy our "out of class" lessons with her; on life and dreams. She's here with Jennifer. Jennifer has also been a pleasant surprise in friendship. I knew I was going to like her but I totally love her and her husband Kyle.
See? This is my "I didn't know Kyle was this great" face

Met up with my old roommate Namichan.
A new friend, Marifu, who is a breath of fresh air. She is completely her own person, not too intimidated by the sometimes stifling culture. She was so refreshing to meet her and hear her laugh. She is a beautiful girl. She is a tough chick (she has a motorcycle) but still feminine (her bike is PINK!!!) ha ha ha!!
We took some time and went bowling one night. I love bowling shoes. I don't know why, I just do.
Amy Hatcher, this is for you~ this is Michio... if you look closely you'll see a piece of rice stuck to his lower lip. He said it was his "rice piercing". He is such a character. I appreciate him and his gentleman's heart for the ladies in BEST and people in general. He would be embarassed if I said this in front of him, but he is one of the most gentle, sweet guys I have ever met.


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Jordan said...

Finally, news from my sister! I guess I can call the search party off...

Kelli B said...

um, japan has waaaaaay cooler bowling shoes than in America. Seriously cool. snag me a pair when you can.

YES! Joanna is back! I've been missing something in my daily readings...but now you're back :)

got your email last's on our minds...but we're going to pray and continue to wait on the Lord...we sense He's preparing us for something. no direction yet...

jamie said...

hey jo- glad to "see" ya again! love hearing about your life! LOVE kyle and jennifer!

Jerry said...

cool pictures!! =D