Friday, February 16, 2007

Some Snazzy Snowboarding Title

Here is the crew that attended the BEST Snowboarding trip 2007 (minus Tomo who disappeared before the picture could be taken). We played some crazy games. This is one where you had to form groups, link arms and try to stand up. It's harder than it sounds.
A fun part of our trip is nightly pair talks. Here Masa and Mamo are chilling together.
Like last year Megu and I boarded a ton together. It was a lot of fun.
Mark took Abbie along and she was amazing. Hooray for learning to board when you're six. Ii na!
Fella's on the slopes.
Megu and I
Look Ma, no hands! Japanese apples are so big.
On the bus ride home, Megu and I acting silly.


Kelli B said...

i really miss you.

megu is growing on me - that sweet face of hers and the time you spend together. i love her and i dont even know her.

love ya jo.

Jeremiah said...

how fun.. i need to echo kelli. i miss you jo. =)