Saturday, February 18, 2006

Snowboarding Extravaganza

February 14, seventeen people set out on a snowboarding adventure...
little did they know, the fun experiences, the laughter, and the deep discussions, not to mention the sweet carving action a certain someone (*ahem*) got...
the seventeen people would soon become...
seventeen friends.
Ha ha! Okay, enough drama for the entry.
Enjoy shite kudasai!
Mary went snowboarding for the first time and picked up some *sick* skills!! I love this picture so I had to put it on... this is before we got on the lift for our first trip down. (editor's note: I'm using some new slang now that I'm a boarder chick... apparently my slang is not cool anymore~ so *sick* here is used as people in California would use it to describe something incredibly cool!)

Kyong A, you would have been so proud of TJ~ here he is on his first day. What a great snowboarder... His second day he was carving with the best of them... and even tried the jumps. (He did much better than me, I'll say!)

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