Saturday, February 18, 2006

Holly takes to the slopes.... she picked up snowboarding so quick. I don't think I learned how to backslide for a long time. What a trooper!This is such a cool view of Mary. At one point, looking down on the scenery I totally forgot I was in Japan. It looked alot like Winter Park... but it was so beautiful there.
Megumi and I snowboarded together all three days.
Hey Mark! "Do you ever take that off any sweet jumps?"
Mark's got "skills"~ snowboarding skills.Ohhh Eddie gets some sweet air...
Megu and I got to board with the guys for two days and although we didn't have the same "skills" we got to tag along and take some pictures and just have fun. I was really challenged in my boarding and really just enjoyed myself. I loved hanging with these guys and it was fun to do some different trails.
I caught Takayasu taking a jump here.
Okay, Mom~ so I did try on jump... but don't worry! I didn't even get to the jump... just "biffed" it right before. Ah, what a humbling picture... oh well. Life's too short to pretend to be a coolster... hee hee hee! We found this cool "cove"~ dome like thing. So Mitsuru, Megu, Takayasu, Nagai, Mamoru, Keigo, and I take shelter from some pretty wicked wind at the top of the slopes.Woo Woo!! We love the top!
Takayasu and I on the last run. The snow was falling like crazy the third day so I wanted to take a picture.
Megumi, my faithful snowboarding partner. What a great gal. I am so lucky to have such a fun friend that will hang out with me. She was an excellent snowboarder and we always stuck together.

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akasan said...

You're still a "coolster" in my book! What fun and adventure follow you everywhere. I knew you were okay when I didn't get any ER calls from the States! :) XOXOXO