Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fancy Meetin' You Here!!

So I got an email...
"Joanna, Steve's flying into Tokyo"
and about two weeks later I'm sitting in Narita airport enjoying some fine Japanese cuisine (okay, not really) with Steve Monson, a pilot for Northwest.For those of you who don't know Steve, he and his family are dear friends of ours. I grew up with Steve's youngest daughter Sarah, who is actually two years older than me but ya know? Small town and everything.
It was great to meet Steve and share with him a "teeny" bit of Japanese culture with him. Although we ate American style pizza and had Starbucks... ha ha!! But I told Steve, the next time you fly into Tokyo you HAVE TO come to my part of Tokyo and enjoy Japan. I don't think Narita Airport and the Radisson boast about Japan culture too much, sorry Steve. Ha ha!! But it was fun to meet with him and see a "familiar face".
Thanks Steve for lunch and coffee. Amy, hope you enjoy the pictures!! I love you guys and miss you all. Next time you come, stick my mama in your suitcase please. :)

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akasan said...

Awesome...a touch of the USA and a friendly reminder of those who love you here! :) For the next visit you will have to find a Japanese restaurant that serves corn. Remember that is the only veggie Steve eats! :) You are beautiful and happy in these pics. Thank you for sharing. I'm going to Starbucks tonight and pretend I'm with you! XOXOXO