Sunday, February 12, 2006

Holly, get the kleenex!

Ah, Holly! I took one look at this picture and knew it would be my next blog...

Because I don't want to make you cry, I'll keep this short...

Thanks for being my friend. Here are some of the highlights from our friendship...

When I fell out of Andy Eiffert's truck, oh no wait! That was you! ha ha! This story will forever crack me up.

Staying up till 6AM and instead of going to bed at that time, going to get breakfast!

Steven Curtis Chapman concert!

Our first bible study with J Klaas!

Trunk riding! And Clay got pulled over!

36 Valley!

When you prayed for my fundraising and wanted to know every cent the Lord brought in for my summer trip in 2003.

When TN and I broke up and you were so mad at me cause I didn't ask you if it was "okay"!

Coaching me through microbiology and letting me study from all your notes, just so I could putter my way through that class!

"Show him the BRIDGE" during "A Walk to Remember"

When I dared you to break "the child" over your head and didn't believe that you would actually do it. Until you raised that figurine over your head and slammed that beast into the concrete. And then you felt so guilty cause Andy gave it to us... so you went out and bought another one. Oh, man! That's good!

When you dyed my hair red and you gave me splotches on the side of my head and I had to hide them for dance when I put my hair in a bun it was like a "Target" sign. My gosh!

Vowing to learn how to "beatbox" like Justin Timberlake!

All our dance parties (including the ones in Japan)!

The road trip to Colorado! Making Rachie listen to rap and then country music, box seats for the Rockies, pink campaigne at Alaina's party!

When you, Rachie, and Liz-oh came to my dorm room senior year for my birthday! I thought everyone had forgotten about me but you three remained so true!

Me trying to use three way calling and then accidently leaving you a LONG message where you could hear my conversation with my other friend. That was humiliating!

Confessing to J Bradley (oh man, why did we do that?)! ha ha

Ganging up against Rachel and teasing her... then begging her to bring DQ home when she got off work!

Getting you to smoke a cigar with me... enough said, right?!

You coming to Japan and being the true friend I needed to make it through the first two months which would have been difficult without God's grace through you!

And everytime I have turned to you for wisdom and received it with love (although sometimes without)! I owe you for your wisdom in keeping me from making some huge mistakes.

It has been a pleasure to see God work in you and to see the growth that has taken place in your life. Wow girl! Praise God for His work in you. You are a true friend and a loyal gal. Thanks for all the fights, the tears, the laughter (ohhh, the laughter was wonderful) and the memories. I have no doubt that God is going to bless the work He has placed before you in Arizona. Have a wonderful time and know that I am praying for you here in Japan!



JoPappa said...

'We are all travellers in what John Bunyan calls the wilderness of this world ...

...and the best that we find in our travels is an honest friend...

...We travel, indeed, to find them. They are the end and the reward of life. They keep us worthy of ourselves; and when we are alone, we are only nearer to the absent...

...Of what shall we be proud, if not (our) friends?" (Rbt. Lewis Stevenson: "Travels with a Donkey"; preface.)

"No longer do I call you My servants ... I call you My friends." (Jesus, John 15:15)

Joanna Kay said...

Dad, I am so lucky to have the very best of friends... in not only the people around me who love and support me but in my godly family who longs to see Christ exalted in my life. I am blessed beyond measure with friends~ those related and those not.

akasan said...

What a sweet tribute to friendship! The next chapter of "Holly & Joanna" is just beginning. PTL! Have a fun last week together in Japan, girls, knowing you are loved. XOXOXO

Holly said...