Sunday, April 06, 2008

American hamburgers

This year's BEST club BBQ playing english telephone games

the place we had the BBQ at is located on such a beautiful river. the sun was shining so we were blessed to have such a great spring day.
yummy food
the three guys who are always a delight to see; our two oldest members; Takayasu and Mikkun with Ty's brother Masashi
BBQ models...
The Roods gave us a ride home so Joni and I got to visit a bit more with the kids...
me and my favorite 7 year old, Abbie.
yaya and joni
BBQing is hard work, huh Kaykay?


Jerry W said...

wowzer! that's a lot of Japanese guys!! how cool and exciting!! =D

Elisabeth Renee said...

Hi Joanna, I'm Joni's best friend Beth. I was happy to see pics of Joni and the stuff that's going on in Japan. It's nice to see who and what I've been praying for. I hope things with the students on campus are going well. I'm praying for both you and Joni as you minister!