Wednesday, April 30, 2008

rock the boat... but be careful not to dump anyone out.

We had Joni's farewell party aka Gyouza making party (gyouza=dumplings).
I take pride in knowing that my ability to "rock the boat" has not changed much in my "growing up". Let me explain... the freshman BEST members all gathered to stuff and fold/close the gyouza...
and then I proceeded to cook them and color them green.
In my defense, I was merely being "patriotic" seeing as Green Day is an official day in Japan. Hey, even I was wearing green!

However, very few people would actually touch and/or eat my green gyouza. After a couple batches they pleaded with me to make the gyouza the normal old fashioned way. ha ha ha!! As Bryan O'Donnell explained to me, "The core of Japan and Japanese people is their appreciation for food that is not only pleasing to the taste buds but also the eyes. They are a culture where presentation is everything and you have just rocked them to their core.... which is okay. It needs to happen every now and then."

Glad to know I'm still a boat rocker. ;)
Aw, yes. And the O'Donnells came to visit. It was SO much fun to hang out with Jamie and Bryan as they are entering into language school. Two full years. Wow! I'm so happy to have them back. We've been anticipating their arrival... and being able to play with their baby Jones. He is such a happy active baby.

We took the O'Donnells to Costco where we all got our fair share of American goods.. if only Adoniram Judson could see this. I wonder what he'd say? :D

Ohhh cute, Jones. It's just your height. I think he'll make a great future blogger someday.
Chi came to see Joni one last time so I made sure to hang out as well. :)

Aw, busy life I lead and love. After all the partying and hoopla with whether I had poisoned the gyouza or not, we headed out to go hiking with the Utsunomiya BEST club. It was a lot of fun.

The whole day was fun but my personal favorite memory was from when I was "misbehaving" on the trains and trying to play "chicken" with anyone who would take me on. :) I am all talk however, and no muscle.
See? Boat rocker!

Jennifer and I make our lunch decisions.Jennifer and I have a deep discussion about... okay, so we were really posing.
I love Okutama. This is still in Tokyo, yet, it is the opposite of the hustle and bustle of the city life. I enjoy and welcome the quiet of nature.
New 2nd year, Tomohito, is an adventurous and fun sophomore we've welcomed with open arms. He is a fun moodmaker. Just hanging out... Joni, Joanna, and Jennifer.

Joni, Masaru, Joanna, and Yosuke ~two guys from the Utsu BEST My new favorite picture. It looks like a family shot. :)

Sisters Jennifer, Joni, and Joanna and big brother Mark.
We're pretty tough!

Jennifer, three girls from Utsu BEST, myself and JoniThe Witthofts
Jennifer and I do senior pictures by the rock wall...
my senior pose from April 2007's hiking trip. Do I look different? ha ha!
I love bridges.

Life has been full and fun.


Kelli B said...

you wouldnt be you if you didnt rock the boat every now and then. I love that about you! :)

your hair used to be so long. So pretty. Now it's short and so pretty. I like em both.

Sad Joni is gone...but glad she got to be there for the month. Love you friend!

jamie said...

love it- ok this is really trivial- but your hair. your hair is SO long- whoa dude. love it

james "boss man" tsang said...

i'd totally eat those green dumplings. but i'm from the usa, where we're all terminally obese and will put anything down our gullets with our pudgy hands.

to celebrate your move to ucla i think you should get a crazy haircut ;) mikey likes the color blue so maybe we could work in some highlights.

but seriously, we're so excited to have you here next year. and kristine said that there is definitely a spot for you at the apartment.