Monday, April 21, 2008

The Burrrrrriers!!!!!!!!!!!

My best friend from college, Kelli and her husband Marcus came to visit Japan. It was SO much fun to have some familiar faces around my area of Tokyo. :) So natural to be together again.
Thanks for coming Kelli and Marcus.
The first night they arrived I took them to my favorite Japanese restaurant, a hole in the wall that serves OKONOMIYAKI! Even Kie was able to join Joni and I in welcoming the Burriers to Japan. The next day we set out to explore the local areas I frequent...
(Marcus's "Dance of the Umbrella" before setting out)
the monorail with Kelli
the shrine at Takahatafudo... with the last of the cherry blossoms.
lunch at Chuo University

My roommate Saaya and I made Kel and Marcus try all sorts of Japanese snacks... some were yummy, some were yucky.
Marcus loves the fish snacks. Ohhhh cute. He's giving his snack a kiss.
Kelli wasn't as happy as Marcus about the yucky snacks.
And then we served them takoyaki or fried octopus. It's seriously good. The Burriers even enjoyed it.
I took them to Shinjuku and we found the "LOVE" sign.
Kelli, Marcus and I explored the subway system. I get super confused on the Tokyo Metro so we got turned around a couple of times... I may not be a good guide but I am a fun guide. :D
We went to the Imperial Palace...
I took a picture of my sandal and the fact that I was wearing flops. I love my rainbows. Hooray for good weather.
The famous double arched bridge.
The poor National Diet staff... they can only enter through this little door. Marcus is super sad for them. :(
We took pirikura with Saaya.We ate an amazing amount of ice cream.... how cute are these two?
Model pose in Harajuku
Joni, Kelli and I in Shibuya.
We saw several Buddhist weddings at the Meiji Jinjya (shrine).
Joni took a picture of Kelli, Marcus, and I in crowded Harajuku. Craziness on a Sunday afternoon.
On our last night together... nice Marcus, nice.
Our last night was spent surprising Mark Rood for his birthday. (the guy in the lower left hand side is our visitor Todd Harrison).
So glad I have amazing friends.
No matter how much time or space has separated us, God has knit Kelli's and my heart together to walk through this life together.
It was awesome to sit down together and talk about where we are in life~ very different places~ and yet, the same feelings and lessons are being etched out in our hearts.
Thanks for coming Kelli and Marcus!!

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Kelli B said...

Word to Japan. I miss it so much. It's so hard to be back in America, back to work, without you! I loved it. Every minute.

We need to exchange photos - I'll try and make a CD or something to send you. Maybe I will send it in the journal? But I love your pics.

JO!!! you are the best. Thanks for being my friend and I'm praying for you as you finish strong in Tokyo. I've had many amazing convos with my family since being back - about missions, about the Japanese, about sharing the gospel contextually, it's amazing how it's opened opportunities to talk about how our hearts beat for the nations.

Please squeeze Joni for me - miss her too! love you friend.