Monday, August 11, 2008

Bluuuuueberry Cobbler aka What to do with leftover blueberries?

As I stated in the last post, I decided to make blueberry cobbler-muffins to use up my blueberries. Well, use up the leftover blueberries I did because what went into the oven was blueberry cobbler hopeful, what came out of the oven was blueberries with some dough stuck to it. Oops, if you love blueberries, my yummy CHO blueberry cobbler-muffins are for you. Getting them out with a knife or spatula. I thought it might be fun to make the cobbler-muffins in muffin tins so that we could eat just little bits... or for breakfast and call it breakfast.
Hey! Not a bad idea.
I apologize profusely for this picture. I am desperate for close-ups as we all know from this post but since my parent's kitchen has bad lighting for nighttime cobbler-muffin making, I had to use the flash and aghhh this is what came out. This ugly photo. But I am a sucker for the close-up so what's a girl to do? Post it!

The second bite. Cho oishii! Super delicious!
Poor little muffin....
Hey, so this recipe is super easy.
And I got it from my new inspiration. The Pioneer Woman is seriously my recipe guru. I check out her website anytime I can... check her out if you like recipes, photography, laughing, ranches, horses, people, laughing... oh just check her out, will ya? You won't regret it.
Here's her website:
And here's the blueberry cobbler-muffins aka Blackberry Cobbler #1
It's easy enough for people in Japan to make it!!

You won't regret linking to her website. You'll be a sucker for her updates.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I've been reading Pioneer Woman almost every day for over a year now. You MUST make her lasagna. I made it twice last Christmas season to rave reviews. It takes a long time to make the sauce from scratch, but it's so worth it!

And, when I saw pics of your food and heard you got a new camera, I actually thought, "I should direct Joanna to Pioneer Woman because her photography sections has so much great info!" Who knew????

Joanna Kay said...

Ahhhh!!! I love it.
I started reading Pioneer Woman for her recipes and then I got hooked on her hilarious stories... and then I saw her photography section and thought, "No way. This is too exciting."
I'm hoping to dig into her gardening section but I feel like I need to give myself a breather. I'm making something fun for my nieces birthday coming up so be sure to look at pictures of that one too. I love PW.