Friday, August 08, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect

During a... break?... from all the things I need to do before I leave for CA, I decided to take my camera to the backyard and snap some fun photos.
I'll take any advice I can get. For example, whats up with macro? I can't get my macro to do what I want it to do.... hmmmm... thoughts?
Enjoy some random practice shots around my parent's place.


Mikey said...

Nice photos, especially the one with the bee. When you take a picture with the macro function, you have to press the button half way in order for the lens to focus, then you should be able to take a clear picture.

Joanna Kay said...

Can you use zoom? Or do you manually get closer? I'm frustrated with mine because it never gets as close as I want it to. Maybe you can "monkey" with it later and help me out some more.
Thanks for being so wise. ;)

Jer said...

i must input. my money shots (aka favorite) include the flower and the pebbles. i dunno.. i have a weird thing for textures.. >)

Jer said...

opps, the pink flower