Monday, August 11, 2008

My Poppi and How I Cook

This. Is my Poppi. I didn't start calling him Poppi until recently. I've called him Dad, Daddy, Pops, Poppi, Ed and all sorts of things... my personal favorite is Edwardo. No, that's not his real name~ his name is Edwin so don't ask me why I call him Edwardo I just do.
You should know something about my Poppi. No one gets my Pops like I do... I think it's because we're cut from the same cloth.
Edwardo telling me a story...
This is his "laughing at something ironic" face... like life.
OOps! Caught!
Wait? Are you taking pictures of me?

Aw, I love my Poppi, Eddie Joe, Ed, Pops, Dad, Daddy, Edwardo....
And here's my recipe for cooking right now.

Color!! I saw the tomatoes we get fresh from a neighboring farm and I thought one thing: how can I make our salad more colorful tonight.... hmmm I thought there was spinach under all the toppings? It's there somewhere, I promise.

Hey, I'd love to stay and chat but with all the leftover blueberries I decided to throw together a blueberry cobbler.

If it's good I'm probably going to post pictures... if it's yucky, I'll probably try to forget I even told you I made it. :)

Ja ne!


Kelli B said...

i absolutely love your new camera!!! dude, it's great. Does it have auto zoom or manual? it's awesome. any-way.
love the photos of your poppi :) especially the one where he realizes he's being shot. funny. yum to the food too - if you've got some recipes to share, i'd be interested. i'm being bitten by the cooking bug and have a lot of things i'd like to try in the kitchen coming up soon!
love you.

emily said...

Poppi! love it. Those pictures are great! I love when I hear my friends love on their Poppi's. It makes me miss my dad...but my heart overflows when I see fathers and daughters together. Love it! Keep lovin' hard on him!

Jer said...

i love the fruit / salad colors. =) so vibrant. and your pictures of your dad are really good too. they're very close up and intimate. those are the kinds of pictures of my friends/family i end up treasuring.

Anonymous said...

Joanna, I absolutely love the pictures of your Handsome Dad, my loving son! I must have copies of will you, please? Thanks. Also looks like you are doing well in the kitchen. Love you, Grammy