Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Invading Yer Personal Space

I have been thoroughly enjoying the zoom lens on my new camera... I feel like I can catch anyone at any moment and get into their "personal space" from somewhat of a distance. I'm a fan of the close-ups anyway but this makes me more stealth like....okay, maybe not quite so stealth. But I am enjoying the zoom and being able to get up close and personal.
Here are the latest close-ups....
WavelandGramma and Edwin Rochelle
You'd be gnawing on the table too, if your teeth were coming in.
Edwin's so sweet.
Three generations; Grampa, Edwin and Dad
Watermelon sure tastes good on a hot summer's day.

So does strawberries and cream cheese frosting.... (I thought of you Em)
So don't mind me.... if you see me across the room, pointing the camera in your general direction. I'm probably zoomed right up...
invading your personal space.


Kelli B said...

did you buy that cool awesome camera we saw at target, the one you said you really wanted? how much was it (can i ask?) your photos are amazing.

emily said...

#1. YUM!!!! Strawberries and cream cheese frosting...MY FAVORITE!!!! Glad you gave a shout out!
#2. If I see you "invading my personal space" across the room from me with your camera. I just may pee my pants right there! And I would LOVE IT!!!
#3. Somehow we need to make #2 happen please. (maybe not the peeing in my pants part...well...what the heck...I would take that part if it meant you invading my personal space.)

Anonymous said...

Joanna, I love some of these pictures of Waveland and Eddie! How cute! I wanted to print them off, but had no luck. Can you do it for me? Grandma S.