Friday, October 10, 2008

hither to thy healing arms

i had a good day today.
i got a letter from jennifer.
i talked on the phone to christy haley.

and i just had a sweet time with Jesus this morning.

all in all, i feel small pieces of hope and happiness filtering into my heart like little rays of sunshine through the dark and stormy clouds...

i feel encouraged. i decided to start going through all my old posts and categorize the ones that reflect my time in Japan... like this one is labeled "reflections of japan" and so are about 70 that proceeded it.

it was bittersweet to see the last two years...

one post i enjoyed and want to read more in depth when i have time is the post "certain in my heart" which talks about feeling life return to me after John Lee had died.

and after revisiting those old posts, i've decided to put them together in sort of a memoir. i know that sounds silly and who knows who would ever read it but I know it's something i need to do.

it's like going through old photos and memories of someone who has passed away... you decide which photos to keep and which ones to let go of... and maybe you look at those pictures every day for awhile, and then every week, and then eventually, Lord willing, I won't need my memoirs to keep me smiling... but life will be able to do that.


kyle and jennifer said...

that's beautiful jo! i can't wait for the memoir! :)

(and yay! you got the letter!)

Mikey said...

Glad to hear you had a good day today! I'm praying for ya.

Jason and Rachael Capp said...

That's great to hear! And by the way, how in the world are you doing? :P