Friday, October 24, 2008

my bonnie lies over the ocean

this picture makes me miss my "bonnies" and fall. Look how beautiful it looks over there in Tillsburg. Awww I want to go there and see my family..... my bonnies.
what does that song even mean?
my bonnies lies over the ocean
was there really a girl named bonnie? or is bonnie the word for sweetheart?
You know who I think will know the answer to this....
my dad. He knows the answer to everything uk related or at least music related. :)
Or perhaps my family living over the ocean will know the answer to that question...
anyway, i wanted to update my blog with some cute pictures I got recently while skyping with Jonah, Becca, Lenora (who was a mermaid) and Adelia (who was apparently hungry...)

she loves sucking on cloth.
I remember i loved sucking on wet wash towels.... is that weird?
is it weird that I remember that?
I miss my family.


Mandy said...

My grandma's name was Bonnie. I really liked her. She made GREAT apple pie and homemade giant, salted pretzels. :)

Joanna Kay said...

Oh what fun memories. I wish I had known your Grandma Bonnie... she sounds lovely... like YOU, Balcs.

knielsen said...

You're tagged (see our Nielsen Kids blog). Thanks for sharing pictures of becca and the kids. It was so fun to be able to see them.