Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I was tagged by Kim Nielsen over here at THIS blog.

I'm supposed to write 7 weird facts about myself....

1. I don't like having lights on in the house that don't need to be on. I'll seriously turn off lights in my roommates room just because there's no need for them to be on if no one is using them. I blame this on my mother who does the same thing. :) She will walk around the house turning off lights.

2. When I name things (plants, pets) I have to give them a full name; first, middle, last. Take for instance; Turquoise Oscar Chang, my road trip fish or how about Emily Ocean, my first pet.

3. I like "boy" movies sometimes more than chick flicks. Don't get me wrong, I love a good chick flick every now and then but I seriously can go for a movie where a man takes on the world and conquers evil for good anytime. I'm not talking about Terminator or Die Hard movies (ew)~ I'm into movies like Braveheart or the series Band of Brothers.

4. When I was interviewing with the navigators they "charted" my personality on a graph. When the interviewer showed me my personality she noted, "You rated on the 'dangerous' level of spontaneity, do you find yourself a spontaneous person?" I find this funny. I'm dangerously spontaneous. :D

5. I love ketchup. In Japan I used to base entire meals around being able to dip them in ketchup.
6. I can't stand meetings. Sorry everyone who wants to have a meeting with me in it. My teammates in Japan always tease me about how distracted I would be during meetings. I would secretly be emailing someone in America while texting someone in Japan while popping popcorn in the microwave while trying to listen to Mark Rood explain SIJ strategies. My strategy? Just let me do it.

7. I like talking in weird voices. Ask Jennifer about it sometime.... we could go on and on and on in our weird voices....

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