Monday, November 16, 2009


We had a housewarming party last night and invited a small group of friends over. It was one of my favorite nights and I'm so thankful we could have our house "warmed" by such great people.
Thank you to everyone who brought food and to everyone who came.
We love our friends!
We're so blessed.I was reminded of things to be thankful for as I sat at the patio doorway looking out at everyone. I just felt so blessed to be surrounded by such kind and awesome people.
I love that a lot of these friendships, I married into. It's so great to know your husband has awesome people in his life as well.
The dangerous dessert table!!

I am so thankful for:
a husband who is generous to me and to his friends.
friends who make time to come over and party.
the little things in life like frosted cookies and spicy smelling candles.
friends who came over ahead of time to help me in the cooking chaos.
our home.

What are some things you are thankful for this year?


kyle and jennifer said...

all i keep thinking while reading your recent blog posts is, "hello, mistress of her domain!" :D i love the joy you have in hostessing, especially now as mrs wang ;) way to work it sister!

i'm thankful for my husband's kind heart, patience and ability to make me laugh... my son and his sweet smiles... the amazing amount of grace i'm experiencing in mommyhood :D and much more, but i won't hijack your blog comments!

Kelli B said...

I'm thankful for YOU!!!!!!!!!