Monday, November 09, 2009

when does it reach... ya know, that level?

When does a friendship started on a blog, kept up on a blog and basically for 99.9% of it is one-sided become "not healthy"?
Let me explain.
Since Abbie K (located here) had a link on the side of her blog titled, "Sites I thoroughly enjoy" and I decided to check one of them out so I clicked on the blog entitled "Pioneer Woman".

Since that click, I have spent countless hours scouring through her recipes and reading her love story which made me laugh so hard.

I've tried the green beans, the orange spicy chicken, her amazing moist pumpkin spice muffins, her delicious blueberry pie that I made about five times in a row last winter/spring cause it was that good! I've danced with her chicken strips, delighted many a guests with her peanut butter pie (sooo rich). Her crash potatoes are a staple side dish in this house and wedding guests stuff themselves with yummy french breakfast pastries I made.
All from Pioneer Woman

There was also this infamous cinnamon roll comment that was made that made me laugh so hard I texted Jennifer (while we were both in Japan) and demanded she start reading this site. It became a crazy obsession. (The comment on her cinnamon rolls was later removed because I wonder if someone warned her, it was borderline inappropriate! But soooo funny!)
It was an obsession at first, waiting for the updates of her love story and her recipes. But then it cooled, like any love affair.

Call me, naive, if you will, but I seriously thought Pioneer Woman had a small gathering...
I know! Naive!
Then she wrote this cookbook, which is doing so well and her blog gathers thousands of commenters and her personality is just so fun and sparkly that she has become somewhat of a star!
Lines and lines and LINES of men, women and children are gathering to have her sign her cookbook for them. And while I try to stay away from this sort of thing.... I can't help but really really want to meet her and have her sign my cookbook which I have yet to buy.

I watched her on the Bonnie Hunt show (click here)
and am now waiting with anticipation for her book tour to swing through LA.
Click here to see if she comes to a city near you.

Well, whether this makes me weird or not, I am still a fan of Pioneer Woman's!
I seriously think, anyone, male or female, who enjoys cooking, enjoys a good story, enjoys the country (or just funny stories about people in the country doing weird things like checking pregnancies in cows~ yikes!) I ardently suggest you test Pioneer Woman's site out.
You won't be disappointed.

Now... if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go look up ticket prices for Kelli to come out to have her cookbook signed as well!

What Pioneer Woman recipe/blog entry do you enjoy the most?


Kelli B said...

I love it! If you put up a blog, you better expect to get crazy friends/followers. That's my view!

Still looking for a ticket. How fantastic would that be????

What exactly is the date she is signing in LA?

jamie said...

oh dude- every single one! love her! and i'm getting her cookbook for christmas! :)

Abbie Kampman said...

i KNOW! thanks for the shout out, by the way :) it's funny because her writing just makes you feel like you can call her up and say "can i come on over to the ranch and hang out with you" and chances are, she'd likely say "yes"! ha. i love that about her. it's a big fat bummer that she isn't coming closer to iowa city--and i'm at a family thing the weekend she's in minnesota otherwise i would be all over a roadtrip. jamie and i are getting her cookbook from our mother-in-law and that thing can't come fast enough--i'm desperate for it! and i had to laugh that you added the cinnamon roll comment in there because that's the first post i read of hers and i was hooked right away (and that recipe is amazing by the way!).

love that you love her!

Anonymous said...

Lasagna, lasagna, lasagna. :) Every time I make it...RAVE reviews. It takes a while to make, but totally worth it.

Sprouted Kitchen said...

she is so great. I just love how she writes! She is uber blog famous, but so down to earth.