Saturday, November 21, 2009

turkey, blind dating and beating M in cards

I have successfully made a Thanksgiving dinner for 21 people this past Thursday. I use the word dinner loosely because well, it wasn't like the feast your Grandmother's put on the table every year. I thought I could skim the surface and have no one notice but sure enough, as the dishes were being passed I heard someone say, "Wait? Is there stuffing?"
Every two weeks, the young staff gets together and has their training time~ and the staff women make and bring lunch and dinner so that the family that hosts isn't responsible for feeding 20 plus staff which most times includes men who feast mainly on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and so are malnourished and feel that they should stock up on good healthy food during the training time. When else are they going to get home cooking when they're far from their families and are single?
Which by the way, I remember there always being a large plethora of single amazing godly women out there? (And I still know of some) But seriously, midwestern girls, get your behinds out to California! There are some good lookin' men who love Jesus and want a wife.
Email me.
Anyway, I made dinner for said men and their female staff teammates and asked Mikey if he would help me tackle "thanksgiving" style since it was the thursday before.
He said yes.
So we made turkey, mashed potatoes (homemade, please I can't eat boxed. It's against everything my Grandma Eunice stands for!) corn bread (uh, those were boxed cause I'm snobby but also lazy) apple cranberry sauce (homemade), salad (bagged, oops) and pumpkin dessert which is the best dessert I have ever made and will be making it two more times this next week! It's ah-mazing!
Anyway, needless to say, I am really enjoying cooking. I can't stand the dishes but I can get through them alright if I just take a deep breath and remember how loving it is to serve those I am with.
Does anyone love doing the dishes? Seriously? Anyone out there?
I think my Dad might.
Edwardo? Dishes? Yes?

Anyway, what does this have to do with life? Nothing too revealing! I am just updating you on how fantastically normal my life is at this moment.
Also, question... are you writing down all the ones to respond to when you comment? Here's a review:
single and ready to mingle?
love to do dishes?
and the third and final.....

is it bad if I am addicted to this game and I love playing with husband and so I beg and beg and beg him to play only to totally dominate and beat him to a pulp. I mean, I'm not trying. It's just that I know he plays because he loves me but the whole time he keeps saying, "Why bother? Why should I try?"
And I just keep giggling...
is this bad?
Okay so that's my life at this moment....
P.S. in other news, the one day Pioneer Woman comes to LA is the ONE DAY this whole week I have plans I can't break. She is going to NY for two signings but LA only once? Who came up with her schedule? I would like to make a complaint!


Angie said...

Dude, love doing dishes. For serious. It's so relaxing and it goes from something gross to something clean, I mean hello, catharsis.

J Ray said...

"mashed potatoes (homemade, please I can't eat boxed. It's against everything my Grandma Eunice stands for!)"

this deserves the highest of high fives-my grandma and mom both make some delicious mashed potatoes. in fact, that's probably what i'm most looking forward to food-wise on thursday! :)

EJS said...

OK, you asked for it, so here goes.

Yes, I love doing dishes - and thank you Angie for increasing my hope in the younger generation, which I fear is in danger of losing the whole idea of what it takes to "make a home" ... in the abysmal rat race to "make a living" - whatever that means.

But it's not ONLY about 'clean', tho' that's a part of it. John Wesley said 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness', and theologically, he is right on.

Doing the dishes is about loving home, and loving life.

It's about slowing down and connecting with the way things have always been done best: by hand - one thing at a time; finished right; put back in place to be done again.

Doing dishes reminds you of loving the sacredness of sharing meals together, not just "feeding yourself" or "eating in shifts". Doing dishes is Eucharistic.

It's about refusing to be dependent upon what's easy and convenient and time-saving, so that you can fill up your time with things that have nothing to do with home.

In the years following the Second World War, home became a place to escape. Making a home became an inconvenience and a distraction from what really mattered, which was entertainment and society and status and position and making a place for yourself out in the world, away from the home.

It's funny how people who dump the home for the world end up as the prodigal: In the end, if you regain your senses, only home and those who are there really matter.

Because that's what 'Home' is, really: it's more than a place, though it is that: it's the people who are in that place.

You can tell who really loves and has caught the meaning of "home". They are the ones who are really skilled in the little things of what it takes to turn a house into a home, and a wedding into a marriage, and offspring into a family.

Among other things like gray hair and shiny eyes and knowing smiles, they have dish pan hands.

Think I'm wrong? When you finally get to the end of your journey here and you find yourself at the gate of Heaven, you'll know if it's home for you or not if you recognize the hands that are extended to welcome you.

If the Bible can be trusted at all, His hands evidently still bear the marks of the labor of what it takes to make a home.

Kelli B said...

I will add my complaint: why did she have to come the ONE DAY you are busy!?!?!?

Maybe next year...

I just got your letter ps - loved it! Will be writing you back soon. I owe a couple letters so I'll use my days off for Thanksgiving to write you back :)

c.cho said...

Love your blogger Joanna! Thanks again for the info about navigators, i'll be seeing you sometime soon!

btw... your description of food has made me salivate at 12:03am...

another btw. washing the dishes is really calming, only when i'm washing small items, not pots and pans. :]

jer said...

so bummed that you missed pioneer woman! darn. i know how much of an inspiration her blog has been to you. =)