Monday, July 24, 2006

*A night out*

Last night I had the huge honor of being invited "out" with the guys on our team. And I would like to take this time to boast on our guys and ultimately on the Lord.Our team for SIJ 2006 top: Priscilla, Jane, Ojen, Christy, Joni, Jo, and Mary
Bottom: Cole, Ryan (i put this picture in, just for you Ryan), John, Mike, and Jeremiah.
Christy looks so "at peace" in this picture.
Jeremiah teaches Jane and the rest of us how to fold origami cranes for our table decorations.
Joni looks excited as she folds her crane.
Mary, you are a BABE! All this was going on while the guys were finishing up in the kitchen. We had an amazing dinner of "oyakudon" (right, John?). It was delicious.

Here Mary captures me pouring her some tea, I have this strange look on my face because I was going to say something and so I just have this funny smile on my face. Everything was so great. The food was amazing, the conversation was fun, the men looked sharp and the women looked beautiful. It was so much fun to "dress up". I pulled out the dress (guys you can skip this part if you want, ha ha) that I wore to Nicole Farley's wedding. It's probably been that long since I've worn it. But it was so much fun to actually wear it again. John Lee put the finishing touches on dinner. The women weren't allowed in the kitchen all night but I managed to sneak in a couple of times to take some pictures.
Mike Cain

Then we had dessert. It was amazing. They had ice cream on the bottom and crushed up cookies on the top (aka dirt) with a flower "planted" on top. It was really thoughtful.

After dinner we sat around and talked and traded stories about life. That was probably one of my favorite moments because it was fun to ask interesting questions ("If you could learn any language, what would it be?") and we managed to get Mark to tell us some funny stories from his high school days.
John, Priscilla, and Jeremiah finish up dinner.

The men gave each of the women a journal with personal "thank yous" and affirmation written inside. It was so touching and just incredible to think of the preparation and planning that went into this night.

Of course, I managed to embarass myself before the end of the night with the re-telling of the "Mormon story" which is just... well, I'll save that for another day. But lately the last few times I've gotten embarassed Ojen's been next to me so I always hide behind her back. Mary managed to capture the moment here. Ojen, your back is just too protecting and safe. ha ha! Just like the woman who always ran to her closet to escape confrontation. I'm going to run to your back. Ha ha!!

Thank you John, Jeremiah, Cole, Mike, and Ryan for not only a great night out but an incredible summer. I am serious when I say that I praise God daily for you. It's been awesome having stellar men around and I know it is the work of Christ in each of you.

You have been some of the most thoughtful, caring, considerate guys I have ever met in my life. You have shown your hearts to be one of those that truly trusts and seeks the Lord first. You are the men who fight fiercely for the Kingdom but also fight in protection for your sisters and the Bride.

Thank you for your friendship.


Kelli B said...

Jo, did the guys hand-make those journals too? It's awesome if they did! They look so "girlie" and "well-thought-out" that I had to ask. They are awesome.

PS - you look gorgeous. I love seeing you look so well-dressed up!yay friend!

Joanna Kay said...

I'm not sure how much they did with the journals but I was SO surprised. They really out did themselves. These guys are so stellar, it'll be hard to let them go but I'm also happy to send them to their campuses, knowing their hearts have been stretched for God's world. It will be amazing to see what "ripple effect" this summer has on their lives and the lives of those around them...